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OT - Blog vs Forum Topic, and Finding Your Stuff

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I've been asked to repost this blog, so here you go. If something has changed, please let me know and I will correct this.


  • Blogs can be deleted by the OP and Admin.
  • Forum Topics can only be deleted by Admin, If you want your Forum topic deleted, you must request this from Admin. 



OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Friday Eve, STalkers! It's a balmy 51 degrees outside, a nice breeze, and some clouds (rain coming in). IOW, it's shorts and flip-flop weather! Yes, yes, I'm a Finn who has shards of ice running through her veins. I'm in a quirky mood, so... Naturally, I am thankful for the basics in life: home, job, clothes, food, car, health, etc. Today I want to express my thanks for the atypical. 

I am thankful for:


Yes to the Dress - shopping with SD24

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Saturday was The Day for wedding dress shopping with SD24.

While I was 99.9% certain that BioHo would not be going, I was prepared for that. IOW, if we stopped to pick up 'Ho after SD picked me up, I was going to get out of the car and walk home. *diablo*

Thankfully, that did NOT happen! 

OT - mini rant

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My sister, who is my BF, got p*ssy with me and griped that I've become "emotionally distant" over the past year. *scratch_one-s_head*

Um, well, we've been in a pandemic for one year now. And under house arrest, er, quarantine, for most of that time. Add to the fact that the two of us are... apple and orange, for lack of a better analogy (who has a better one?).

Extrovert vs Introvert