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Finally moving away - yay!

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We are moving to a bigger house in the country, probably 2nd week of June, which is an hour's drive and 40 miles from where we live now.  One of the best things about it is that currently we are 3 miles away from NPD BM's house, where SD25 lives, and SD23 just lives there while furloughed from her London job.  There will be less potential for us to get dragged into any drama when we are so much further away.  I think chances are quite high that failure-to-launch SD25 will sooner or later put in a bid to come and live with us - possibly if NPD BM throws her out - which has happened before. I can imagine her doing this despite the fact that we will be living in a village with little public transport and she doesn't drive.  

However I have told DH that under no circumstances is she coming for any longer than the occasional overnight stay. I have served my time in the past, I am 62, and I deserve some peace now.   We have lived in a house for the last 13 yrs that while nice, is a little too small for our needs, especially when my grandchildren come. We lived here because it is near the train station for DH commuting,  and near NPD BM - gag.  DH now works from home, plus we will be near one of my best friends that I have known since the age of 9.  Can't wait!  


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Congrats! 25-year-olds shouldn't bounce between parents - if she wants to leave BM's, out on her own she goes.  I'm sure she's able-bodied and capable of caring for herself.

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Agree 100%!  SD25 is able bodied, but caring for herself?  She never has, so how would one know?  

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That sounds like you finally get your own little piece of heaven on earth! 

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Very happy for you!  Congratulations and may you have many long, happy years there!

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Thanks so much, advice.only2, justmakingthebest, Gimlet and JRI :-)  Gimlet - we all had to take a slight financial hit in the end, but it wasn't the one first proposed, and it wasn't worth sacrificing the chain for.  Hopefully in a month's time, we'll be in our new home! 

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That is awesome, I am so happy for you!

That amount of distance will definitely help.

We have always been about 30-40 minutes from SD and BM (who now live practically next door to each other), and even that distance has always been enough to keep us out of some of the drama. And there's no "just dropping by" or asking for favors (like babysitting SD's kids) since it's inconvenient.

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Thx, hereiam and MurphysLaw xx  I am certainly hoping the extra bit of distance will help.  

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Have yourself a little celebratory housewarming party!

Can you put up a reverse invisible fence and give sd25 a collar?

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Yeah! Well-deserved.

I hope you have many peaceful times in your new home. 

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 THAT is THE BEST NEWS!! Congratulations, Kes ,YOU SO DESERVE  this! How exciting..



Doing a happy dance for you ! 


AND I'm so with you :  hold the line on any adult failure to launch skid moving've paid your dues.


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I love it when good things happen to good people. You've more than earned this reward, Kes. Enjoy your piece of heaven.