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I’m so mad right now.

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Everyone knows BM is a POS. WELL... she just picked SD (first time this whole summer for a luxury Walmart trip) up in a new car.. and guess what it is??!! A 4 door Jeep Wrangler that I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO BUY FOR OVER A YEAR NOW.

I ended up not getting one last year because I wanted to wait for the newer body style prices to go down (so the 2019/2020s) I should have bought one in the winter but, with the prices now I refuse to buy one and pay 5-8k over. 

A Wrangler is my dream car. I'm so mad I almost want to cry. Why does this bitch get everything!?? I know it's just a car and stuff but, I've never had anything like "nice" I drive a basic stick 2013 Mazda 3. Basic as basic can get. This bitch drives by our house on her 25k motorcycle, now her 30k car, SD complains about all her designer shit, gets her hair done all the time, nails every two weeks . BUT NEVER PUT A FUCKING PENNY IN TO HER KIDS EVER!!! 

I may sound like a jealous bitch right but I AM! It's not fair!! 


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I'm not sure. SD MAY have mentioned to her I was looking for one. SD is f'n home already!! Literally 40 minutes! 

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I'm sorry. It sucks. If you want that car get it. Don't worry how it looks to anyone. She's materialistic and that's her problem. You can still enjoy your car when you get it. Don't give up wanting it because she has it. 

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When prices go down I'm going to buy one. It's just the fact out of ALL the cars on the f'n planet she buys THAT ONE!! 

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BM here did that.  She had the Golden Goose buy her the exact car I was looking at,  even though he had previously planned to get her a different vehicle.  So now BM and I have twin cars. Yuck.


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Just remember that karma comes back to bite people. It may be a long time coming, but it happens. When you are old, you will have family surrounding you and the last thing you'll be worried about was a car. Plus, you will likely be financially better off due to smart saving/spending. When BM is old, she will likely end up alone solely based on the choices she made, like not spending any time or energy on her kids. And she likely won't have much to show for it due to her frivilous financial choices. It may feel awful in the moment, but you will be far better off in the long run. 

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I know I know. SO says the same. I try but it's so hard sometimes. She didn't bring SD anywhere. She came here to show off. 

I think SD lied to me because she felt bad. 

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I doubt it! It's older but NOT THAT OLD  but I don't see it being less then 25k. Especially with prices now. Hopefully it f'n breaks all the time.  

Example: SO stopped at a dealership the other day because he saw one that might be price range. It was 2018 (newer body style) sticker was 37800 brand new. Today: 37400. LOLLL car is almost 4 years old already a didn't loss value! Realistically it should be around 31k 

Thats why I'm not buying one now.

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It's the principle of the matter.  It's the fact that she doesn't support her kids, she waltzes in and out of their lives as she pleases, and she suffers no consequences.  Furthermore, she shows up in the car you want, that is partially made possible by the fact that she doesn't support the three kids that she chose to have, that YOU help to support.

I'd have my nose out of joint too. 

But you have no control over any of that and the biggest insult to injury is to let that loser idiot have any free space in your brain.  So let her lead her superficial life and you keep going on with yours.  You know at the end of the day you've lived your life by your values and she can rot in that car for all you care.

I get it though, I'd love to see her covered in fire ants.

P.S. DH used to have a Wrangler and would love to have one again, specifically a CJ7 but is also holding out because of the prices.  It would be a second car though because that gas mileage - woof.

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It's beyond principle for me at this point... She literally came and picked SD up to SHOW OFF HER NEW CAR. LOOK WHAT MOMMY GOT!! She didn't take her anywhere! Yeah the newer ones are a littleeee bit better on gas haha. 

I am curious now if she traded her car in our if she still has it... 

I know she will never have any sort of relationship with them but, it's hard to see stuff like that qbs NOT get angry. 

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Hopefully she bought a lemon.   Most model cars today are slapped together so the odds are high. 

I resent having to pay CS to the Gir with her cream puff job and her well-heeled husband well past the age of 18.

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I'm glad they know that.  I'm sure it bothers them, but kids (especially older kids) should know things like that IMO.

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I would be pissed too.  I think you're doing a hell of a job with all this. 

I'm sorry she is such an asshole.


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Fking cowbirds. SO's BM2 drives only luxury cars, too. Paid for in part by collecting CS on a kid she hasn't had over to her house in 5 years and another that she farms out to others nearly every day. 

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F'n cowbirds is RIGHT!!!  JUST TOOK HER FOR A DAMN RIDE IN THE JEEP!! Hasn't seen her in almost 6 weeks. Which in BM world is not a lot of time. It's usually longer... 

I am still mad!!! Haha 

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NOPE. SO didn't go after her for CS support. She stopped taking them EOWE over 3 years ago. Lives 10 minutes and go months without seeing them. Plans nothing with them etc. 

I could keep going. 

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For not pursuing CS... there's no time like the present to launch a CS order against the cowbird.  Tell SO that he must strike a blow for women's equal rights

Make sure there are plenty of arrears!  That should put a crimp in her easy riding.

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He won't. It's not worth it. If he was it should have been then. He wouldn't have gotten MUCH from her but, not sure. CS is 18 here so... 

His theory was she never helped to support them from the start so it's not worth it now. 

I wish he did... IF he did though the skids would have always been in the middle of something. Thats how she is. It's almost better like this... 

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This sucks and he SHOULD go after it. I think if I was ina relationship with someone I would REQUIRE it. You go without while she doesn't. Your family clearly needs the CS. 

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We don't need the CS. We are fine. I get more hung on the principle/moral shit with BM. BMs husband HAS to be supporting some of her habits. She doesn't make that much...

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He should come for the principle of it.  If genders were reversed do you think there would be the same outcome?  I think we all know the answer to that one. 

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You just have to remember how pathetic she is.

I remember when SD would come over and tell us that BM had this or that. They happened to be things that I didn't care about (like a pool table or big screen TV) but all I could think, was how sad it was that it was things that made her think she was happy and successful.

She is on her 6th marriage and has been evicted from more homes than I have lived in in my entire life (including childhood).  She still rents, so could still be evicted from her current place. She is no better off now than she was 20 years ago. So, no, not jealous of her in the slightest.

Now, I'm sure if you were to look at her Facebook page, she would paint a different picture. Outward appearances and social media mean nothing. I know what she is. And you know what the BM in your life really is.

Find a picture of the Jeep Wrangler that you want and put it on a wish board. Look at it everyday. See yourself driving it. When the time is right, you will have it. Or, by the time prices come down, you may see a different vehicle that you want and will be glad that you didn't rush out to buy the Jeep. Everything happens for a reason.

Just today, I read an article regarding the unofficial motto of Iceland, “Þetta reddast” (pronounced “THETTA red-ahst”), which translates as “everything will work out in the end”.

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I think what I struggle with it's not even about the car itself. I am by no means materialistic in anyway.. She could have showed up in a Lamborghini (would be slightly jealous LOL) but, it wouldn't have struck the same cord as the jeep.

This women has had it all, married, kids, house etc. I KNOW it isn't her reality now BUT it just gets to me sometimes. What made her better then me? 

AND THEN she shows up in the car I want??! So annoying! 

Her social media is a joke. It doesn't bother me. Her cover stories are pictures I take of the kids. No joke. 

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No, I didn't mean to imply that you are materialistic, I was just using BM over here as an example of how they think they are one upping the SM.

That was my point, she is NOT better than you. Do you know her true situation? She could be in debt up to her eyeballs, she could be a call girl, she could have sold her soul to the devil. You do you and don't worry about her. You have to get past this, don't let her take up space in your head that could be used for better things.

I know that it's hard. Google Louise Hay. DH and I listen to her everyday.

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I didn't think you were Implying I was lol. I normally try to not let her take up space in my head. Today triggered me big time though. 

When she took SD out for her bday (just to dinner) she told her about all the bills she paid off. Like way to have a meaningful convo with your now 14 year old that you know nothing about... 

Normally SO and I do laugh at the the ridiculous she is but.. today set me over. 

I will look her up! Thanks for the tip! 

Oh BM 100% sold her soul to the devil. 

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That is infuriating. One of the few joys I get in steplife is knowing that BM is seething over the fact that we're much better of financially than she is. If it was the other way around- dealing with her brat AND having to watch her live a spendier lifestyle I'd probably lose it.

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When CP biodad says "I won't file for CS because I don't need it."  Seriously?  Do you think that matters when a well heeled CP BM inevitably files for CS?

  I can tell you that the Girhippo and her H StepDaddyBigBucks dont need it.   Chef makes next to nothing and I support Chef yet the courts still order outrageous CS to her for grown skiddults.

CP biodads feel it is a strike against their manhood to accept CS from a cowbird BM, yet caring not while SM struggles and penny pinches her ass off!

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Totally agree! Also... I sent SO the wiki link today of the cowbird LOLLL. 

SO talked to SD and SD told him that BM said her and her husband bought the jeep together (I don't believe it BUT could be true and even so how does she have 15k) and she still has her car. It's confirmed that BM came just to show off. She told SD she was taking her somewhere and they drove around instead.

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Well right. They are making payments but just how can she afford another payment on top of all her other payments. 

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Well, she doesn't support her child, so that saves her some money. Plus, I hear souls go for a pretty penny.