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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! Who had to work yesterday after being off for Christmas? Yesterday was the Monday-est Thursday! Too many times, I started to do jobs slated for Monday. Sigh...

Eff off to:

  • Bored coworkers. Just because YOU don't have anything to do doesn't mean I'm not busy. I'm trying to do my Friday jobs. Eff off and go yammer to someone else.
  • Everyone who thinks that last-minute parties during the busiest party season are fun, then get upset that no one can attend. Hellooooooo!!! I'm already overbooked and hating it. I would rather sh!t razor wire than go to another damn party. Gaaaaaaaaah!!!
  • Me. As an introvert, I have to force myself to go out and socialize. It is physically AND mentally exhausting for me. I love my friends and know I will (somewhat) enjoy myself, but I would rather get together one-on-one than go to a party. Ugh.


Hope your weekend is relaxing and peaceful!


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I had to work yesterday, and I am at work today.  Eff off to everyone who took this week off - leaving ME to pick up their slack.

Same story next week, too, I fear.

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same girl same! Everyone in my office but me took the week off..................grrrr.....

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People keep saying, "Aniki, let's get together over the holidays. What days are you off."
I tell them I am off only Christmas day and New Year's day.
"What other days?"
NONE! Why can't they comprehend that?

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I've been working too since yesterday. I thought it would be nice to work while everyone else amuses themselves during their time off, but unfortunately, skids don't seem to understand that I am BUSY. DH, who is trying to renovate 4 cars right now has to keep coming inside the house to put skids in their place.

We have one more "Christmas" to attend also: MIL brunch tomorrow. Ugh.

Eff off to:

1. Christmas time

2. Not being able to focus on work because... everyone else seems to think the entire last two weeks of December is a paid vacation?? I'm with you there Aniki.

3. Having to return gifts of clothing that should have been the correct size, but were obviously cut improperly.

4. Eff off to Eddie Bauer- I've been a customer for over 15 years and was disgusted and horrified with their "customer service" yesterday (4 phone calls, 2.5 hours total, and they still have not send a return label...)

5. Can I say EFF OFF to Christmas again? DH and I are already planning a cruise for next Christmas so nobody can bother us.

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Sweetie, your DH needs to keep those skids in the garage with him!

I would LOVE to go on a cruise! Unfortunately, my DH spent so much time on a ship while in the USMC, he will absolutely NOT go on a cruise. Sigh... 

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Eff off to 2019. What a crappy year it's been! We lost my grandmother- one of my best friend in the world- two days before Christmas. I was blessed to be there when she passed. But it really, really sucks. 

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I'm so sorry, Ghost. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

2019 has had ups and downs. Hoping 2020 will be an improvement!

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Eff off to Friday because there is NO ONE here.  Ok, maybe 5 of us on the floor.  And I fault the director of this place for saying that "it's up to the division to approve shorter work days of 'x' hours over this holiday season if they would like to."  So of course, not every division is going to do so.  However, I've shaved off a couple hours here and there every day anyway.

...and I'm leaving in 30 min to go meet up with an out-of town friend! Whoo-hoo!