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DH hasn't heard from toxic SD16 and we leave on our vacay this afternoon

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Read some of my previous posts if you need back story. As it is A LOT to type out everytime.  But short story, SD left when DH wouldn't just believe her lies and say that everyone wronged her and owes her an apology, and that she completely innocent.  


I've been a DREADING sd camping and dating she wants to be part of this family trip. At first DH said (not to sd, he said this to me)  he didn't want her to come (his hurt feelings talking), then he said if she called a week before our trip, he be OK with it, but if it was less than a week, no, she can't just be part of the trip, JUST for the trip, she has to be part of the family first, then all week he was hoping that she'd call, but EVERYONE in the home (including me) was telling him that she shouldn't come because obviously she doesn't want to be part of the family. I even suggested that he take her on a separate trip, just him and her. 

Well, i hope I'm not jinxing myself, but she hasn't asked yet (it's 7:30am day of the trip) I'm feeling hopeful.  

She (when DH reminded her)  did text my dd17 happy birthday. Same way she texts me on mother's day, "happy mothers day" but only because dh reminds her.  This year i refused to respond. DH literally takes sd home to have a father's day celebration dinner with her step father, and i her a half ass text that is only sent because DH reminds her. I don't want it. It doesn't hurt my feelings, i would rather her just not even text me that day.  I enjoy my time with my children, don't interrupt my day with the reminder of your existence lol! 


Sorry! So anyways here's hoping in the next 5hrs she doesn't text

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Even if she does text, she doesn't get to go. Waiting till the last minute is deliberate and disrespecful, not to mention that you need time to plan when extra people tag along. Put your foot down and say a resounding "NO!" if she contacts either of you about this trip.

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Thank you! And we're heading out in about 1hr and still no word from her!  *biggrin* I'm so excited a family trip with it her.  Something that i haven't had in 10 years! I don't think DH has EVER had a family trip that is going to be a peaceful a this will be. 

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Glad to hear it! And I hope your dh acquires a taste for peace and quiet on holiday! 

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Just in case she is chasing the car down the street with a forelorn look on her face.

"Sorry sweety. We did not see you. Next time, instead of being a gameplaying little punk, answer the question on whether or not you are joining the family vacation when you are asked instead of being a manipulative little shit. We had a great time. Sorry you missed it."

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Enjoy your vacation.

Make sure to post lots of happy and fun pics.  There is nothing wrong with rubbing the nose of a toxic spawn in the stinky spot they created for themselves on their life's carpet.

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The waiting is hard. When we went to Europe, and DH decided to take the SDs (against my advice - but I ended up having strict boundaries for this and I kept them in place), we didn't know if they would show up until we were AT the airport for check in. We figured YSD would go but maybe not if OSD (PAS'd out) decided not to. OSD did not one time give DH a Yes/No. BM just dropped them at the airport. DH had multiple "deadlines" for her to respond but he held her to none of them.

I refuse to participate in anything DH/OSD related at all after that - not like there's any communication anyway.