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Oh Sweet Silence!

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I don't want to jinx anything, but I (me personally) have not spoken to BM since JUNE!!! It's been SOOOO nice! She hasn't text DH since December. And her contact with SS is slim to none. Mostly because he just ignores her. But it has been FANTASTIC!!

Be jealous. But for reals, I have earned the break LOL!


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You really do deserve a break. I take it she still hasn't completed rehab?

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LOL. No way. She is still "renting" a room from the girl that cheated on her husband. Apparently she works at the convenient store in their little town. It's ok to work there and have 6 missing teeth. She doesn't have a car. And she is still SUPER weird according to her endless FB rants.

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Gosh that seems so backwards. Wouldn't they want to try to see their kid when they have a clean nose?

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I know someone that adopted a baby from a crack whore. About a year after the adoption, the crack whore came back and said that she had been high when she signed (big surprise!), therefore the adoption should be nullified. Um, whatever.

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A meth whore is just a meth whore. No redeeming values whatsoever. I'm sorry for any of you who have them in your lives.

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That's great. Probably every step mothers wet dream that BM just goes away.

I did however enjoy your stories it was like my own little lifetime movie.

Well enjoy and I hope it last. You deserve it.

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LOL, yeah well I still watch her from a distance and it's still entertaining. Sometimes I wonder if I need some sort of rehab, I'm addicted to watching her drama. LOL

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Nope not jealous at all! Haven't spoken or seen BM since August and hasn't reached out to DH since August 15th. Its just been the lawyers talking. Don't imagine will have any contact soon unless something medical (crossing fingers it doesn't) happens to SS's.

Happy for both of us Smile

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Nothing bad happened to her. I see her on FB. I don't wish bad for her. I just got my wish of her being out of my life. Wink