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HELP - advice please in relation to fraud

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

So for those of you who know the story of BM's older child not being bf's but was passed off as his for 3 years, please give advice. We are really not trying to have to get an attorney or spend any money since it shouldn't be on bf but apparently bf's health insurance cannot remove BM's older child from his insurance until they have a new birth certificate that does not list him as the father. Right now they have her birth certificate that lists him as her father so legally they cannot remove her. 

OT- Update

ProbablyAlreadyInsane's picture

So I decided to focus on me, which is great btw.  I'm doing things I used to love that I hadn't touched in forever, lost a few pounds of the weight I gained while stressing during the divorce, and once i make a few house repairs, I intend on saving up so that I go solo travel for a bit.  

However,  for a laugh,  since everyone is ridiculous.  When you don't want to date, and aren't ready for a relationship, people come out of the woodworks.  So for today's story:

So tired of spineless SO and BM who never follows through

Stepmama2321's picture

SO had a big talk with BM about SD 8 useage of TikTok. She wasn't on private, allows anyone to follow her (people she doesn't know) and follows 1,000s of people herself. She has made 100s of videos within the last year of having one. Most are dancing to inappropriate songs and doing inappropriate movements as well. In one video, part of the dance was to imitate receiving oral sex by pretending to push someone's head down while sticking out your tongue in a provacative way. Honestly, it made my stomach hurt because that's gross to see an 8 year old doing that.

Me as a BM stress

justmakingthebest's picture

Most of you know that me and my exH have a really good relationship. Our kids have always been our priority and we work really hard to coparent. 

I have always been the primary custodial parent and he has had pretty open parenting time. When he was local it was much more, when he moved 3 hours away, we made it work and when he moved 3,000 miles away we still are making it work. 

Not stepmom related but intimacy related

Johnson_87's picture

I've been married to my DH for 3 yrs now and we have a one yr old ours and a 16 yr old SD. Prior to bio daughter, or s*x life was pretty regular. We cuddled and showed plenty of affection. I felt secure. Leading up to the pregnancy it was rough for us both, I was sick and dealt with a lot of mental health issues, which left little time for intimacy. Although we did have s*x on occasion during pregnancy when sickness got better. After bio daughter was born, it was hard adjusting and we argued a lot.

Costume Drama

Merrigan's picture

Update to my last blog - SD16 found a bagged costume that was suitably expensive enough for her, so she no longer has any interest in my costume trunk. Problem solved!  So this weekend, she'll have daddy all to herself to walk her around for trick or treating. I know. I KNOW. Ugh.

Kind of a small miracle

Felicity0224's picture

SD14 is by far the most rational and mature person in BM's household. So I guess after some reflection she determined that she had overreacted to the haunted house disappointment and reached out to H to apologize. According to her, there were two full days of hysteria on BM and SD16's parts about the situation. She said that SD16 wouldn't even get out of bed on Monday and BM let her stay home from school because she was so upset. So, needless to say that SD16's future is looking really promising.

Talked to the Skid yesterday. SpermGrandHag is devastated.

Rags's picture

Got the chance to talk with my kid yesterday.  He is doing great. Unfortunately I had to give him some sad news.  First, my parent's Bichon went over the rainbow bridge last week.  They just got home from a 3+month RV trip where they had a great time.  The pup went to the Vet a week before the trip and all of his tests and health checks were clear. We met them in N. AZ for a week in Jul/Aug.  The pup was happy and doing great. We did notice he was struggling with depth perception in low light conditions but other than that he was his usual incorrigible self.