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Dinner with family - meeting the FIL

futurobrillante99's picture

Soooo, this is step-related - I didn't make it OT.

Last night was the dinner with BF, his mom, his daughter and his late wife's stepfather.

FIL was staying with BF and BF picked up his mom and daughter. They got together around 5pm to discuss details of the MIL's will and property distribution (she died a few weeks ago).

Holiday Blues - Little Idiot’s Return

AlmostGone83's picture

I’m dreading Christmas. Little Idiot is coming back from December 13th until ... “sometime after Christmas”. I was hoping she would just come before or after the holiday but no, I’m stuck with her for Christmas. Of course, she wants to suck up all the gifts she can get. I know I shouldn’t complain. At least she is living in another state... for now. We are paying for her plane tickets and probably going to spend a significant amount of $ on her for Christmas and going to be driving back and forth to the airport and... I’m just completely disgusted with her. Can we fast forward to January?

Need to vent

Dre91919's picture

I'm new, just found this site while I was sitting in my car hiding from my husband and family. We've been together for 2 1/2 years, and got married a month ago. My problem is that for starters we live with his parents, which is tolerable expect when the SS is there. They baby him and act as though he is theirs. My husband and I don't matter, our opinions or discipline mean nothing because SS just runs to grandma and grandpa and they spoil the sh!t out of him anyways. My husband used to have a job where the days he had off were the days he had his son.

If dad has given up, should I?

Monkeys mom's picture

I come to this site whenever I don’t want to feel that I’m alone in my resentment of my step kids. I don’t hate them, I am just embarrassed and very disappointed in how they have turned out. Brief history, my husband and have been together for 13 years, married for 10. His son 27, lives with his girlfriend and is a great guy, we have a close relationship . My daughter is 21, lives with us, his two daughters 21 and 18 also live with us. All three of my steps have no relationship with bio mom, very long story, basically BM choice her abusive boyfriend over them.


SD18 gets a Lexus

NoWireCoatHangarsEVER's picture

So Dd5's dad Had  an appointment at the school today at 3 today for a parent teacher conference regarding dd5's academics. He texts me a screenshot where upon he was basically saying he couldn't make it. SD18 started her job Monday at the hospital making $10 an hour. She was supposed to do park and ride and catch a bus to to the hospital but didn't. Instead she parked in the $10 parking garage and she doesn't have any money because she hasn't worked since February. Hooters, as you may recall, never called.

YSS Making his "Own Hours" at School!

thinkthrice's picture

He shows up when he wants.  He leaves when he wants.  He skips entirely when he wants.

Annnnnd the zeroes are starting to pop out for assignments, homework and classes.  He is even failing Varsity Chorus this year!!! (and gym for lack of gym shoes)

WOW!  Got a feeling the Houseshitter isn't even going to be able to do Kabuki Theatre Diploma.

Who is over reacting here?

skatermom's picture

So this morning, I get a text from DH "Crazy is dropping the twins at 7:30-7:45 to catch the bus. Her sitter quit"  

I said "WTF"

He said: "She said she is looking for a new one"

I said: Cuz she didn't pay her, you know your ex is a POS right? I'm not leaving the door open, I do not feel comfortable doing that. She can wait in the car until the bus comes, it comes at 7:50"

He said; "Leave the door open or I will just start handing out keys" 

I said: FU

What to do

classyNJ's picture

Well I was able to skip the long day with DH and SS17 but DH did tell me that SS17 apologized, crying hard (learned that trick from DBDB) and said he doesn't know why he did what he did but that he was rebelling.  (watching Dr. Phil again)

SS17 then tried to blame me! HAHAHAHA  as in - I didn't go to the other games because things are awkward between me and Classy.  Nope!  Sorry kiddo - but other people went that you could have went with.  That did piss DH off and he told him that he needs to take accountability for his actions and not blame me.