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Another day another sigh

Sam2's picture

So SS came up and needed a trash bag.  I was at the sink filing up something.   Since I was feeling snippy and frankly this kid hasn't talked to me for a couple of days I told him he could wait till I was done since I was almost finished anyway.   It took less than a second for me to finish and then he could get his trash bag.   Oh yes, we've also started laundry of which I am sure dad will finish when he gets home since it is almost time for SS to be in bed taking his late afternoon nap.   But hey on the good, he's gone to the gym .



O/T -- DD brag

Merry's picture

DD was just accepted into the doctoral program of her choice.

This is a kid who hated school. Mediocre grades throughout high school. Flunked out of college, twice. Drifted. Lived with an asshole user who had her convinced that I was too controlling and holding her back. So she moved out of state with him and supported them both on minimum wage jobs. He was going to make it big by winning video game tournaments (surely he's somebody's SS here). I was afraid I was literally going to lose this child. To this day when the phone rings, I jump.


Thash876's picture

How should we go about splitting the tax return ? My 1 year old son, girlfriend and her son has been living together and I have paid majority of the household expenses. I pay $1200 in rent and she pays about $300 or less for utilities  . Plus I providing a lot of the expenses for our children .I made over 3x as much as her (she made less than 20k)  and she's filing both kids (I had the option but I denied because of school loans ) . So should I ask for half since I pay majority or let her keep most of it since she makes less?? I want to be fair not greedy . 

Do I have any say with baby mama?

Pinky20's picture

I have had the biggest headache with my husbands baby mama, she decided to move 168 miles away with the new love of her life 2 weeks after she broke up with the last guy she was with. 

My husband tried to tell her she shouldn't move to fast with it and not move so far away because she would have no one to help her if something were to happen. She went on and on about how she isn't gonna past up her chance to be happy and in love 

*cause her wants and needs are more important than anything else*


Is There Hope?

Rumplestiltskin's picture

Hello STalkers! Long time lurker, first time poster. Sorry for the incoming wall of text.

I have been dating a man for about 1.5 years. We were having taks about moving in and marriage. I have been divorced about 10 years, and i have a son away at college and a daughter, 14. He has 2 sets of children.

OT - Chiropractic care

notsobrady's picture

DH saw a Chiropractor last week. He's been on Cloud 9. Feels great, etc etc. His hip was shattered years ago and he's uncomfortable lately and this seems to have helped him tremendously. So he's encouraged me to go too. I have lower back pain often. I had an issue when during labor with BS19 and during delivery heard a loud pop from my tailbone. Ever since I have dealt with back pain. It comes and goes but I can aggravate it easily. I went to a Chiropractor many years ago but found the relief to be very temporary.

SD has resented me for years

Fullmoon's picture

I don't know what to make to this 

SD and I barely associate with each other . I mean there's minimal interaction but that's all. I'm on edge when she's around and she rather prefers if BS and I don't associate with her at all. How she is with me is an complete 180 from how she with others. From teachers to friends to family to random adults, she's warm but with  me she's very ice like.

I've decided to lay low..

notsobrady's picture

As always, I get some really great advice from the group. I may not always agree, but I do take every comment/suggestion and think them over. This page has offered me a wealth of clarity over the years that I cannot find anywhere else. Even close friends are just not helpful. Maybe a listening ear, but as far as problem solving..its just really tough unless you are in the trenches of this crazy step-world.