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Sd15.5...or Feral Forger 2.0?

CLove's picture

I thought my fellow steptalkers would get a kick out of this short story:

We only go into SD15's room to feed the Dragon when its her week with Toxic Troll.

Shes typically, since Ive known her the past 8 years, been a neat and tidy kiddo, who enjoys a space thats attractive.

DH and I went in this weekend to feed Dragon.

Clothes (dirty? clean? who knows who cares!) were covering the floor. I joked "must be that new carpet I didnt choose"...

Dh exclaims "I told her to take care of this last weekend she was with us!!!!"

Ghosts Walking - OT

ProbablyAlreadyInsane's picture

One upon a time..... Roughly 6 years ago, shortly before my entrance (the fairly quick exit) into stephe!!, I went on a date.  This man was very nice, held all my same values, was cute, and I enjoyed his company, at the end of the date, he proceeded to ask for a second.  I said yes (duh, I was into him) and then he never messaged or spoke to me ever again.

I wrote him off like any sane person would do.

Wanted to know what bio moms on here would have done

missgingersnap2021's picture

So this is about SD17 but I wanted to know if any of you have your own bio teeange daughters and what you think of this:

SD17 went to a football game this Saturday to watch one of her classmates play Afterwards she said a few friends (3) were coming back to the house and they were going to ride the golf cart and hang out  in the garage. Well DH and I stayed in the house when they got here and I peaked out the window and saw that 2 of them were boys. DH assumed it was SD's best friend and these 2 boys. I joked that maybe it was all boys. And it was!!! :-) 

I dont even want to talk to SD anymore

Jcksjj's picture

It's supposed to be SD weekend. I have zero desire to have her here, to even talk to her. After all the constant crap I honestly wish she would PAS out altogether. DH just is sad when he has to see her and I'm angry. And she doesn't want to see any of us either.

Also, she was at the inlaws this weekend so who knows what manipulations went on there. FIL "accidentally" called DH - like it rang have a ring and he hung up.

Bratty McBratFace is now 'doing well' in post-bacc 2.0

caninelover's picture

What a difference a week makes.  SO arranged for a call with Bratty McBratFace after her prior texts from a week ago indicating they were 'not doing well' and had a relapse of mono.  SO's report back painted a very different and very upbeat picture.

Bratty seemed happy after her long weekend in Denver with Nutter GF (apparently they were there for a wedding in Nutter GF's family).  Bratty seemed re-energized and said she is doing well enough in her post-bacc 2.0 classes except for Physics (her nemesis LOL) which she says is really hard.  She has mid-terms coming up next week.

New week. New thoughts

stepmomnorth's picture

Well it's a new week for me. Last week I was a total mess, totally spinning. My thoughts were out of control and I felt horrible. I was trying to concentrate on work but kept on bursting into tears for no reason. I was just feeling upset/anger at the situation and worrying about things with my step kids. My partner was kind of worked up too. This certainly doesnt help. He's a super emotional person and if he's upset I can feel his emotions and it impacts how I feel.

The Storm that is my life has now been upgraded to a tornado

halo1998's picture

So...I went MIA since work decided now would be a great time to have issues.  That resulted in Halo working this weekend to move things around.  The lucky part..the people I had to work with are great and all have fantastic sense of humors so it makes the work go quickt.  This in contrast to the people had to work with two weekend sense of humor but a HUGE sense of entitlement/superiority.

Daddy daughter dance

Mamabearof3's picture

My DH took SD to three of her dances with her elementary school. (She did kindergarten twice so 6 dances total). The first one her mom never told us about and had her dad take her. (The picture I've seen of that she looked like an absolute mess). The second one SD asked DH herself so he went. And the next. Well the next two was when BM was mad at DH so no contact for most of that time. Limited contact anyways. And SD had a fit for awhile begging to ask her dad to her last dance.