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Graduation drama

Hastings's picture

So, SS11 is almost through with 5th grade, which means he has a graduation ceremony to celebrate the end of elementary school. Fine. I'm not a big fan of graduations but I was planning to go and got the time off (it's on a Monday morning). Turns out, he gets four guests. DH got a text from BM saying SS told her he wants her, DH and BM's parents there. She told him I needed to be one of the four and he started arguing so she just told him to talk to DH.

Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses

CastleJJ's picture

I haven't posted much on this site lately as not much has happened outside of the usual - BM doing nothing, GF raising SS, and us just being the child support ATM with 6 weeks of visitation. BM has started zero drama since March, but it is hard to start drama when DH responds to everything with "Thank you for the update."

Just when I thought things couldn't get worse in regards to SD going to college

missgingersnap2021's picture

So I know some of you think SD17 going to a Community College is fine but now I just found out she isn't planning on starting at a CC and then going on to get a bachelors. NOPE! She's not even planning on going for two years to get an assoiciates!

Seriously BM?

Ursula's picture

We have been members of a community pool for 2 years now.  It's a very small pool.  SD just mentioned that BM joined the pool this year too.  WTF? Why would she do that?? She's not even supposed to be able to join the pool because you have to be a homeowner and she is not, but I guess she is using GBMs address.  This is so annoying! I enjoy going to the pool in the summer to relax and now BM will be there.  

I’m Baaaack (VENTING)

SloaneMichael's picture

Hello everyone! It's been a while. I am currently planning to leave, but it doesn't mean that things aren't annoying me on the way out.

SD woke up and asked everyone if we wanted to go to Universal Studios. Meaning, "I want to go to Universal Studios, please take me and buy me an Express Pass and a bunch of junk." As if she is paying for this trip, and as if she is the only person in the household. 

...and of course, DH, who has GPS from being away this week, is happy to oblige.  DH then asks me if I want to go, like I'm another child in the household.

The Play

Cover1W's picture

Apparently it went well. DH was pleased at his whole day.

He got to relax and see some friends before the event too.

He didn't approach or talk to anyone, didn't see YSD16 at all since she was behind the set. OSD18 did see him clearly but didn't react. Which is very good. In the past she would run away or hightail it in another direction. He was feeling good about it.

He also contacted the PAS counselor for himself so hopefully he'll have an appointment soon. His regular counselor also told him to do it.

Quick complaint - updated

Venti's picture

SO and I don't argue a lot but one of the things we have argued about is his kid not communicating what she's doing. We don't live together so on the weekends o don't have my kids, I go to his place because his kid is meant to be there every weekend. I get frustrated when she doesn't show with no communication and we've spent a weekend at his (with his mother) instead of at mine where we are alone, we haven't gone out in case she arrives, we have cooked only the meals she likes, etc. So he made the rule that she needs to tell him on Thursday night if she's not coming.

No. It’s not just your skids.

MissK03's picture

I have a huge trigger when it comes to todays youth. Their sense of entitlement and lack of manners.

SS17 has his friends over often and it's not like one or two.. we are talking 6-10. 

None of them barely say hello. It's so frustrating. I just got home from work, let the dogs and they are playing volleyball in the back. So SS17, 3 male friends and 3 female friends. No one.. not even SS17 says hello. Instead the look at me (from a distance) like I don't belong.