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Intro to my life

MamaMcD's picture

I married the man of my dreams...but he had 2 kids.  I was single, with no children. Everything was great in the beginning. Both boys and I quickly formed bonds and everyone got along extremely well. Until bioMom came back.  She was gone, for years she had not seen the boys. By the time I met them, they were 9 and 10 years old. They had bubbly personalities,were fun to be around, mature for their ages, could hold a conversation about politics (and they knew what they were talking about) and so loveable.

Getting better I think

Sam2's picture

Well I think it's getting better.   The boy is still avoiding me.  He was in the kitchen and when I came downstairs he ran down to his room.   I talked with the girl and DH and things went well.  Offers were made to drive her if needed, we also said we would take her driving.   Then she said she was getting bored with the walks they were taking and wanted someplace new, I offered to take her and him to a local walking trail.  She also mentioned that she was looking at getting a job.  That will get her out of the house, unfortuantely it also means she'll be here for awhile as she has no plac

Five years after my "meltdown" I got thanked

Evil3's picture

Last week I had a birthday and on the weekend was the celebration. On my birthday, I got a beautiful card with a lengthy message in it from DH thanking me for taking charge of our family and marriage five years ago. DH went on to say that he felt inspired to be a better husband and father thanks to me and my taking charge. DH went on to say that I'm a great mom to our DD20 and that since I insisted on a marriage-centric home rather than a child-centric marriage, I inspired DH to be a better father. I was bloody stunned. I was not expecting that at all, especially five years later.

Be kind to my kids

Thefatherismyfamily's picture

DHs says I have to be kind to his kids. I don't even see them and when I do I don't even say anything to them let alone do anything for them or to them that could be misperceived as kind or unkind. I'm just medium chill and neutral.

What he said is code for I want you to kiss their asses, fawn all over them when you see them and be a doormat; be a blubbering maternal woman who goes out her way to try to earn my kids love. And skids must feel entitled to having adults fawn all over them. That's never going to happen.

BM and SSs are delusional about college

strugglingSM's picture

This weekend, SSs again asked DH, "dad, we need to know if you're going to pay for us to go to college."

They might want to focus on high school first. Both are below grade level and neither one has done anything in school since March.

Seriously, how delusional is BM? Also, what is her problem. She regularly has a lawyer send DH nasty letters accusing him of "communicating with her through the children" or "putting the children in the middle." Yet, SSs always seem to be asking DH questions on her behalf. 

Sometimes you gotta handle it yourself!

Ashleytenorio17's picture

So I posted a blog yesterday about how DH told SD to clean out her old junk on her room to make room for her new dunk if she wanted to keep it here. SD brought a huge tub of "crafts" and a bog big of art stuff and countless more books which I have no idea why she did this. SD has never ever read a single book she MUST have here, SD never uses any of the countless color books she has here or the craft boxes or the color or really anything she has here... but whatever if she wants them I guess as long as more crap is not coming in and she shares a room with DD which they split the space.

Quick question about CS discussion

LoverofReality's picture

Another post made me think of this. 

Is it really okay to tell kids about child support? And do you ever mention the amount in a relevant conversation? Is there an age when it becomes okay?

I personally think it's okay to discuss but I know for certain that BM here will lose her mind if she finds out we tell the kids about the money exchange. I think the only reason she would be upset is because she knows it shows her greed. But she would say it's because that is an adult issue and not for the kids to know about. 

Any thoughts?

Waiting for part 2

Sam2's picture

I came home after a conversation with my parents, and yes we did discuss the situation.    I walked into the kitchen where SD  and SS were making some meal.   SD said hi, I returned greeting and she said she was sorry for her behavior.  I told her no worries, thanks for the apolgoies.  I did say my kids were with their dad and that the youngest would be with him for the duration but no slight towards them because really while I think they're part of the situation I don't think they're solely to blame for the situation .  I then added that we all need to work on the situation and yes I had t

Didn’t know BM had a say on my wedding

Momof6WI's picture

So for obvious reasons we had to make changes to our wedding due to the pandemic. We planned on a very small ceremony with just a few guests. 6. Because that is all that was allowed at the time. Since then the mandate has been lifted and were allowed more, not many more but more family can attend. We decided on letting the four older kids participate, my BD20, BS16, BS13 and SD11. We decided on not having SS5 and SS3 attend the ceremony so other family members can attend such as parents and grandparents.