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The Article about the Golden Uterus Made my Hubby Decide to Get a Lawyer

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How awesome is that!

I made my DH read it in front of me the other night. He read it all and then looked up at me and said "you are right, she IS a Golden Uterus."

My DH has had enough of her entitlement and greed and is now getting a lawyer! Yippeee! He said to brace myself for her revenge. But I don't care what she does. I've been asking my DH to take her back to court for years. I told him to let all her raging calls go to voice mail and then call her back. If she starts screaming just simply hang up on her.

She never wants her kids around so I just LOL when she threatens to withhold the kids. I can't wait until she gets the letter from DH's lawyer.

Haa Haaaaa Horseface with the Golden Uterus!

***** Article on the Golden Uterus ********