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Blended Family Fridays on Huffington Post

Pilgrim Soul's picture

Anybody have anything they want to share with HuffPost?
Send in your pictures? The ones they have on there are nauseatingly sweet.

How happy do you think those families really are?

Lumidare's picture

I'd send in the pic of my SS with a fake smile holding my then 16 month old who looks completely wary sitting on his lap, but I doubt it would make the cut Smile

godess-clueless's picture

I noticed that the boy on the far right side looks to be unhappy or purhaps pouting. Have not done family pictures in well over 20 years. Is this the new protocal for where to place the unhappy family member?

Disneyfan's picture

There are plenty of happy stepfamlies out there. DF, BS21,SS21,SDs15,8,&5,BM1 and I all get along just fine. Idiot BM2 is the only one who stirs up trouble.

Remove her and all of our problems go away.

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