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Thank you everyone aka Sunshine Blast

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I wanted to take a moment to send out blessings to all on here who are suffering = and say thank you for all who commented and/or sent me digital hugs regarding my poochie's passing.

It was a rough week, I tell you, but it has ended in a warm sunshine embrace and Im headed out to the beach!

PS: SD18PPSDN has stayed true to form = stuck mainly in her room, being a "rotter" as we say, and comes out to go hang with her friends...shes been with us this entire week, and happily husband did not hijack my bday dinner with parents this time around and even got me a kick@ss bday present to see Keith Urban live !!!! I stressed a little bit last night when SD came home from the beach and rinsed off in the bathub leaving it all dirty and sandy, but she cleaned it up and apologised and I just waved it away...and walked away. Today, IM trying not to think about how she dirtied up the kitchen "baking" berry pies for her friends, because she cleaned it up mostly. Im also trying not to think about how much rent I want to charge her and how many chores I would like to ask her to do that she will then lie about doing, like watering my plants.

Thats for another day Biggrin Today is blue skies (maybe some fog) and beautiful blue green ocean, and endless possibilities for engagement and fun with friends.

Happy Sunday Steptalkers!


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Happy, happy, birthday, dear Clove! I'm not much of a C&W fan but Keith Urban! I may be old but Ooof! Lucky Nicole Kidman; she once claimed that sex with Urban was, "Hot and dangerous!" After having been married to little Tom Cruise (whose sexuality has always been questionable), Urban must seem like a dream come true. Best of all, he's completely devoted to his wife which makes a man all the more appealing. I wish that I was joining you!

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Give rose

I am so happy that DH pulled his head out and made your B-day about you.

As for PPSD-DN, hmmmmm. What might have induced her to clean up the shower and mostly clean up her berry bride to her friends?

That would be something to know.

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So glad the day turned out well! And Keith laa laa!!!! Love his music and him! Enjoy the concert!!!!