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Here we go again

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SS15 decided he didn't need soap when showering. This is not the first, second, or even third time we've gone through this. Oh and somehow he still needed 15 mins of hot shower with just water. 

and we wonder why his room smells lol

He has always been wasting water like this (other acts involve flushing toilet when there is nothing to flush), and It really bothers me. 

what do you think the consequence should be for the constant wasting? I hate that he thinks everything in this house comes free. (The other day he said he thought trash service was free lol)


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I don't find a 15 minute shower to be egregious. I take multiple baths a week to decompress. If he is actually in the shower, I wouldn't use that as my hill to die on. As for the toilet, how often are we talking? Like multiple times a day? And what is his reason for doing it?

I'd focus less on the wasted water and more on the poor hygiene. Call out the smelly room/bathroom. Make him clean top to bottom anytime you get a whiff of teen boy smell. If he keeps flushing the toilet, have him clean it more frequently since "clearly it needs to be emptied and cleaned often".

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I  care about the wasted water more to be honest. SS used to flush the toilet just for the sound of it. Recently it has been hiding the fact that he wasn't actually using the bathroom when he was there (he was on his phone- which we all have done and not what bothers me here).

the wasting is an issue and it applies to almost everything and he just doesn't seem to be able to learn Sad

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emanations is the issue.

We had to deal with this a couple of times with SS-30 when he was a pre- teen and teen.  He showered regularly. Over time his head would take on a stench that was notable. We would send him back repeatedly to shower because his head was gaggingly odiferous.

Long story short, I had him put on his bathing suit and get in the shower while I observed while he cleaned. 

His body never reeked.  Only his head.  Why one may ask?  He would squirt body wash on a cloth and wash his body.  No problem.  For washing his hair he would turn the shampoo bottle upside down over his head and squeeze.  Then wash his hair.  The problem... who knows how long the shampoo bottle had been empty.

We put it on him to add the stuff he needed to the shopping list.  A reasonable responsibility for a teen.  Or so we thought.  We regularly bought body wash and almost never bought shampoo.  It never dawned on his mom and I that he had not asked for shampoo in months.  

Once again, I instructed him to quit squirting the shampoo bottle directly on his head. Instead he was to put the shampoo in his hand then lather it into his hair so he could confirm that he was actually using shampoo rather than squeezing air on his head and then only swizzling water around in his hair.

He got so mad at me when I broke out in laughter while watching him "shampoo" his hair.  The look on his face when I told him to squirt shampoo in his hand was classic.  After he squeezed the empty bottle a couple of times only to have shampoo scented air blow on his palm even he broke out in a belly laugh.


Dash 1



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LOL wow the similarity!

SS used to yelled at me saying "How can I shampoo my hair if I don't have shampoo!" Mind you, we have it, he didn't let us know that he was running out of it but it is of course our fault because we didn't attend him like the hotel staff. He has finally gotten better in this department. 

DH warned SS this time if SS can't shower right then he's going to watch SS do it. I think these two days SS is probably showering correctly, but this no soap thing will be back in no time once we stopped bitching him about it.

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The HousesHitter (YSS) was infamous for his 30 minute long soapless showers.  He merely squatted down in the shower and played with the drain whilst running up my utility bill.  UGH!!!

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Do you contribute to the water bill?

If you do,  stop.

Never had stinky kid problem so I am not much help in that area. It really IS up to your dh to teach hygiene . 

For real, don't clean his room or his bathroom. If it gets really bad tell dh you are calling a housekeeper---he can pay for it too. Wink



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DH and I both contribute to all the utility bills (we both work with similar salary). It's really not that we can't afford, it's the mentality of everything seems to come free for this kid really bothers me.

I never clean is bedroom or bathroom. i feel bad for DD because they shared one bath (and, for someone who liked to flush toilet for no reason, he was also the same person who leaves pee for others to admire- inside and on the toilet seat). DH is equally annoyed by this and good thing is - he never thinks it was my job to clean after SS.