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what do your skids call you?

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in our family, they call me by my first name. guess that is what we set up way back when i was introduced to them, and we never really thought much of it...but i've noticed that a lot of skids call their stepparents by pet names, or even "mom" or "dad" (which would absolutely freak our BM out).

anyway, just curious about how this works in other homes.


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Grand Exalted Master of the Universe! Dirol

Or Dad. BioDad has never commented about me being called Dad. SpermGrandMa on the other hand freaks out about it regularly.

My thoughts on the SpermHags issue with it is ....... TOUGH SHIT!

Best regards.

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if you don't mind my asking, how did "dad" come to be? did they start after the wedding? or was it from the beginning?

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From the begining. I was the first person he called Dad. His mom and I started dating when my SS was 15mos old and before he could talk. We never told him to call me dad(dy) he did it naturally

I am the only fulltime dad he has had. He sees BioDad 3x per year for limited exposure.

Best regards.

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Too funny, I love it. So DH doesn't think SD calling you a bytch is "starting shit" but would be offended if you requested the MRS title addon?

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ROFL, I heard the same bullshyte yesterday from SS 22

SS: Don't you get it? My brain is not fully developed yet!
Me: He's got a brain?

TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!

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it's actually in our divorce agreement that DH can't "encourage" kids to call anyone other than BM "mom" (and vice versa).

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the opposite -- the lawyers put in a ton of worthless crap, and left out things like "summer vacation schedule."

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Oldest calls me by my name, youngest calls me mom or nice things when he wants stuff nasty names any other time

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Thanks to the lovely BM, SS9 felt SUPER guilty when he called me "Mom" so he went back to my first name. SS11 always calls me by first name.
Yeah it stinks because the boys feel awkward when kids ask about me.
And I love how the word "Stepmother" comes out with a twang. It's like "oh god its her" even though I don't think they mean it.

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They call me by my first name. The youngest use to call me mommy-crystal but later informed me that BM told her that she isnt allowed to call me mommy WHAT-SO-EVER so its back to Crystal for both of them. Its okay with me either way.

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Mine call me by my first name and I wouldnt want it any other way. I wouldnt like if my daughter called her dads GF/maybe at some point wife Mom. It would hurt my feelings because she is my baby Wink

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It usually depends on ss's mood and who he is or has been around. I never told him to specifically call me anything except to tell him that i am not mommy. Depending on all that i just said, he'll call me anything from my nick name to miss "my nick name", to mommy, to mom, to his friend. he rarely calls me his stepmother and if he does it is usually in the context of he has just gotten back from BabyMomma's house, stepmother has an evil or wicked in front of it and DH or I immediately pop his ass a few good times and send him to time out.

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My STBSD 3 calls me "Mama". My fiance and BM share 50/50 and I have been around her since she was about 5 months. We never told or taught her to call me "mom". When BM found out when SD was about 16 months, she taught her to call me a "homewrecker". Now she yells at her about it and SD is starting to notice even though she is only three. When she is with us she still calls me "mama" but around her BM I'm pretty sure she calls me "mama (first name)" or just by my first name.

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ya - i understand that one. ss simply calling me by my nick name is apparently just too much for the BabyMomma and she encourages him to call me evil stepmother, wicked stepmother, or worst stepmother ever. We told her that she will be explaining herself to a judge very soon if she doesnt cut the crap. i know a judge wont do much about it but she is scared of going to court so i guess we'll see what happens.

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By my first name...and I prefer it that way. They tried calling me mom but I was uncomfortable with it and I think they did it because they thought it was cook having 2 moms. I told them they dont have to call me "mom" if they dont want to. So they just call me by my first name.

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The oldest SD calls me whatever can she can spew between the violent outburst of green vomit, however the youngest one calls me Mom, by her choice.
Since their real mother is deceased, the youngest says that she was lucky enough to have two women in her life that would die for her and both equally deserving of the glorious title... Makes my heart beat too! Smile

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Call me by my first name and there's never been any discussion of calling me anything different. My bf wouldnt like BM's bf to be called daddy and I know BM would hate for me to be called mum!! Also I think it would just be confusing for SD5

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Miss (my first name). I don't mind, I think it's cute - I wouldn't mind if it was just my first name either, but I'm told it's a southern, regional thing to have the kids call adults aside from parents, aunts/uncles and grandparents Miss/Mrs/Mr. They call BM's boyfriend Mr (his first name).

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Most of my friends with skids do the same. Miss Janet or Mr Bill. Whatever. I'm going to be okay with Mister Bob or maybe something like Pop or they can call me Two (like second dad) or something like Chief or whatever but I'm not letting a 9 year old call me by my first name. If I ever called ANY adult by their first name when I was a kid my mother would have beaten me within an inch of my life. Hell I still don't call half the people I know who are older than I am "Jim" or anything else. I'm 42 and if they're 60 or more it's Mr., Dr., Coach, or whatever they are... gives me the creeps to call someone my senior by their first name.

If it works for y'all, go to it, I just feel like it gives them the impression they're equals in the hierarchy, more like you're a school chum than an authority figure. Would they EVER call their bioparents by their first name? No way...

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I see what you mean; I guess it is just a regional thing. While I was growing up, my parents had me call my stepparents by their first names and friends of mine who also had stepparents were being taught to do the same. Smile

That being said, I'm okay with "Miss".

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The little one tried calling me mommy, but we chalked it up to her calling everyone that.... They call me by my first name now... except for rare moments when the girl runs into the room to hide behind me screaming "mommy, mommy" LOL I don't know if they will change after the baby starts talking and calls me mommy... be just my luck that they'll teach my kid to call me by my first name!