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Hello all! 

I'm Morgan. I'm 27 years old and I live in Texas! I am a college graduate with a Bachelors in Psychology and Criminology. I am currently studying to take the GRE so I can apply for grad school for a Masters. Education is a huge passion of mine and my thirst for learning never goes away. I have began my career in the Mental Healthcare field as a Forensic Case Manager at one of our state jails. I am the fur-momma of my beautiful dog, Stormi, my sassy cat Felix, and my 2 bunnies, Ollie and Allie. 

I got married for the first time to the love of my life in July 2020. This came as a surprise for 2 reasons. 

1.) Nobody ever thought I'd ever get married (I've always said I'd never get married, haha). 

2.) I always said I'd never have kids. 

Boy, was everyone surprised. "Morgan, a parent?! Is she crazy?!" Well, I guess I am. But that's okay. 

Being a step-parent with no biological kiddos is VERY challenging, but oh so rewarding. I am looking forward to sharing my journey on here. 

Here's to this whole blogging thing. Let's see how it goes! 


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Welcome! My education is a BA in Psychology and Criminology too! I can geek out for hours on those subjects. I spent decades in the injustice, er I mean justice system and loved every minute of it. 

Just so you know, we don't use names or other identifying factors here. You might want to edit your blog to not say names.

I'm a fur-baby lover too. I only have a Betta fish right now, so I'm jealous that you have a dog, cat and two bun-buns. 

It's great that you're finding step-parenting rewarding. We don't see too much of that here. Most of us are here because we have the extreme when it comes to bad things that can happen in a step-family. If you need to vent you will find support and no judgement. 

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My experience was "rewarding" too - up to one year in.  Then it all fell apart rapidly and reality set in.

(also no kids by choice)

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Yes, my courtship period was "rewarding" and I thought that God was rewarding me with three people to love instead of just one to make up for the length of time that I was single. The second DH and I came home married, SD's head spun around and started a 25-year reign of terror. 

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You may want to take out so many personal details.  Look around the site, and you'll understand why.

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Awww shucks, I feel so popular now! Smile

OP, glad to meet you. If you havea fairly normal step family that doesn't involve mental health disorders, substance use, abuse, etc and you really see yourself more as a "bonus mom" than step mom or "Dad's wife", you may want to read up on the stories here before deciding if this is the forum for you. I don't want to sound unwelcoming, and we are more than happy to have you. However, many of us are dealing with drama and trauma, and that paints a very less rosy picture of steplife than what most people experience or expect.

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Well done Lt. Dad! That was so good to read. I remember the early days of step life and thinking my bf's kids were so cute and I would never need any of my own for a while. Hah good ol days. Now I'm so blessed for my own little baby to focus on, and thankful DH doesn't want more than the 50/50. 

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Welcome!  I actually think it's a breath of fresh air to see a stepmom with a decent situation who considers being a stepmom to be rewarding.  Most don't.

My situation is pretty decent.  The kids are good, BM is sane and cooperative, no child support involved, and there's very little drama.  My DH isn't a great parent, so he's probably the weak link.  But I would not consider stepkids to be a bonus, or being a stepparent to be rewarding.  I would much prefer that my husband not have come with an ex-wife and children.  Even though my situation is pretty good, I find this site valuable because I read about the situations others are in and the issues they have, and it has helped me to be alert to issues and to address them before they become big deals.

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Glad you are having a great experince so far. It can happen. I have it with my former DH, his wife and her children. We all blended fine, including my DH. 

As good as I have it on my side, it's THAT bad on DHs side. Which is why I'm here. Kind of past all my drama years especially since I've chosen to disengage completely from SKs here and Feb made 3 years that I haven't seen any of them. 


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I'm going to echo the suggestions to remove personally identifiable information, such as your name and age, but for another reason. My degree is in cyber security and this is a public forum, you can't limit who sees it. It is much easier to track people down than anyone wants to believe or really understands!lol

Congratulations on your new life situation! I hope your experience is very different than mine. I went into it excited about having a bigger family and was blindsided by discovering all of my stepkids have personality disorders. All 3 of them. As lieutenant_dad mentioned, this site is mostly support for the dark side of step parenting. Hopefully this isn't your experience. Good luck with your new adventures!

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Welcome, but you may have found the wrong site. Most of us here have either crazy BMs, feral stepkids or Disney parent DH's - some unlucky souls have all three! Few of us think it's "rewarding" to be a stepparent as a result.

Not to say stepfamilies can't work, because they can and do in many cases. We just aren't among them! Also, most of us don't consider ourselves "parents" if we are stepparents but have no bio kids (I don't, anyway - he's not my kid).

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Your positive attitude does remind me of myself when I first started dating my DH. It didn't last because I put up with a toxic BM that has 50/50 influence on his kids. Unfortunately as they got older I find new hurdles to leap over.. and it's mentally draining.

I hope you don't see us as negative and mean people when we comment, it is very blunt and good advice we give. I still consider myself new to this site and I feel I already connect with most people on here. I don't have anyone in my life going through what I go through that I can vent to.