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I've decided to lay low..

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As always, I get some really great advice from the group. I may not always agree, but I do take every comment/suggestion and think them over. This page has offered me a wealth of clarity over the years that I cannot find anywhere else. Even close friends are just not helpful. Maybe a listening ear, but as far as problem solving..its just really tough unless you are in the trenches of this crazy step-world.


So anyway, letting the smoking weed video info go. I know deep down I will achieve absoutely nothing by telling this to DH. More than likely he won't he even respond. Are my bios angels? Hell no and I'm confident he'd be quick to point that out too.

Thanks again Y'all Smile and I'll keep you posted.


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That is a great choice and I would do the same.

if I told DH that he would just pretend I never did and say NOTHING to SD in fear of upsetting her. And then in the end dh and I would be in a huge fight and it would all be fault as usual. Lol

saying nothing and laying low is the only way to keep peace in my house so I know how you feel.

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It really does no good to tell him. She's 19 and out of the house, there is nothing he can do about it. Sure, he can lecture her, ask her to move back home (which you DON'T want and it won't do any good, anyway) but she's going to do what she wants to do. As a parent, you know that knowing something about what your kid is doing, when you can't stop it, is torture.

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Hear no evil

Speak no evil


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Besides to me it's not that you are KEEPING something from him. It's  just that you're not TELLING him something. There's a difference. 

For example I am friends with some of DH's family on FB. DH is not on FB. I tell him some tings I see that his family posts but not everything.