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And the beat goes on.....

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Sigh -

Obligation Type Amount


Total $3,290.17

later on this week, another $947 for BabyVoice's braces gets added.

She's trying to get her support reduced. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad DH hired Awesome Attorney to deal with the objections - and we WILL object Blum 3


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that would be arrears. her current payment is $1075 child support and $29 towards my health insurance premium...

yeah, we're talking three months behind....

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Wow. I'd like that kind of CS. Or help with medical....or any from BM.

I bet you wish she would just pay up. I really hope court goes well for you two. She needs to pay. My guess is she is not paying and that will be her proof to the courts she can't afford to pay.

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We would like her to pay what she is supposed to pay. And, yeah, I am sure she's gonna say "wah wah wah I'm broke, I am poor, blah blah blah blah."

Since she owns two businesses, we are hoping that no one will fall for the poor mouth she will cry from one side of the Courthouse to the other. She pays $1500 a month in rent, has three cars, and seemingly has all the money in the world - for herself.

This is the same woman who kept telling DH that the $1500 or so he was ordered to pay was a "pittance" and that no one could raise three kids on that little money. Now that the shoe is on HER fat foot, well, $1104 is way too much and nobody needs THAT much money to raise three kids. NO, you stupid beast, Medusa, it costs a shit ton more, but why should YOU support your own kids??

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I hear your frustrations. In our case we have it from both ends. BM contributes nothing and my ex contributes very little. It's enough to drive you mad at times. Really hate these loser parents.

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It's a good thing we don't rely on her to help support her kids. We are fortunate, but I feel awful for those who do need the money to live.

When my kids were minors, I socked about 90% of the CS I received from Asshat away. You know, because I have a brain. I also never asked for a modification in the entire time he was paying support. I received a shit ton of support, and I knew it.

The fact that these women can just walk away and seemingly never look back just continues to astound me on a daily basis.

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Whenever I see this my blood boils for you.

H also struggled getting CS from Uberskank. She insisted he go through the state. They dicked around for months and the paperwork had to be updated each time because the amount of the arrears increased every month. When they finally started deducting from her paycheck (yes, at the time she actually had a job), the amounts of the monthly CS and arrears where never the freaking same. And payments were sporadic, even though she worked for a large microchip company and we knew she was paid every two weeks.

Strangely, the only time payments were consistent, was when she was fired and started receiving unemployment benefits. CS and arrears (and then only the amount in arrears) were both deducted from her weekly checks. She. Was. Pissed. Told H to get it reversed. He reminded her she was the one who insisted on going through the state.

Conversely, when custody of skid went back to Uberskank, the state took all of 2.398762 seconds to start deducting CS from H's paychecks.

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My DS is 25 and his deadbeat still owes almost 10K in arrears. I am surprised that it has gotten that low.