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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF!! Thank God I'm Finnish AND Thank God It's Friday! This has been another looooong week and the end of the workday won't get here quickly enough. I'm trying to talk myself into believing I'll be able to sleep in tomorrow. Sigh...

Eff off to:

  • Know-it-all arseholes. Go ahead. Keep deluding yourself that you're the know-all, be-all. The fact of the matter is that you really don't know sh!t and the rest of us are tired of you yammering on and on about your false superiority. You're presented with facts and we hear "those are WRONG" or "those are OUT OF DATE". Nope. That data is not even a week old and we cannot get more current data until next Friday. So eff right off, effer.
  • Effers who do a conference call on SPEAKER phone. Yes, there is a bloody echo on the phone because of YOU. Wear headsets and end the echo. Sheesh.
  • Effers who sit on the most current templates until AFTER complicated documents are completed. So we now must waste our time plugging the data into the new template that you should have given us over a month ago. $%*@!!!
  • Me for accepting an invitation to something because I could not see any freaking way to get out of it unless I lied. Sigh.


May your weekend feel long and your skid contact be short/non-existent!



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Eff off to a bad night's sleep two nights ago and I'm still tired.

Eff off to YSD who has been really acting up since Memorial Day (and had a long visit with BMs family and OSD and cousin and eveyone who likely hates DH for no reason).

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There must have been something in the air last night. I had horrible insomnia. {{hugs}}

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Ha! If I didn’t already know that you work across the country from me Aniki, I would think we work for the same company!

Eff off to:

1. Colleagues who perform a quality review, but fail to check a dictionary before accusing me of misspelling a word. “Proffer” is most certainly a word and not a misspelling of “offer.” It’s also used correctly whereas offer wouldn’t be as contextually correct. HOWEVER, I suppose I’ll just cater to the average American’s vocabulary and change the entire slide using perhaps mostly one syllable words. Do people even realize anymore that dictionaries exist?

2. Eff off to colleagues who act super professional in front of the two bosses, but then become passive aggressively nasty when bosses aren’t around. Um, you know that one of us may someday be YOUR boss, right colleague?

3. Eff off to kids. DH and I just spent a GLORIOUS ten days with zero children. Skids are only EOW anyway, and DD has been in Europe for ten days. Now we will have all three kids tonight, and thus back to kid-hell.

4. Eff off to my dog licking her own sphincter. She only started this disgusting habit about a year ago (she is ten), and we’ve tried mint breath freshener in her water, deworming, teeth brushing weekly... she always goes right back to her butt licking, which causes her mouth and breath to smell like... well, butt. Gross. I am open season on suggestions for this disgusting habit of hers!

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Iamwoman, I can definitely relate to those first two!!!

As for your pup, she might have a problem with her anal glands. When my darling boy (I miss him so!) got older, he had to have his anal glands "expresed" every so often. Check with your vet.

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It happens when they get older. Some people do it themselves (ew!). Frankly, that's something I'd worry about doing WRONG and hurting my furbaby, so... I took my darling boy to the groomer every 4 weeks and they took care of that. Smile

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*bad*Omg. I can’t even imagine wanting to do that myself. Yuck! I’ll take your route with the groomers...

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Right?! I don't have the stomach for that. Make sure the groomers are trained to do it. Smile

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Ready for gross? One of my dogs had issues like this. Took her to the groomer. Picked up the dog and the groomer meets me with wet hair, messed up makeup—due to the shower required after expressing gone bad.