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BioHo and SD25's dwindling attendants Part Deux

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SS19 just left. He came to pick up DH's truck (borrowing it to help a buddy move some furniture) and stayed for lunch. DH is sleeping. We have a ton of barbecue pork so I asked SS19 if he wanted some lunch. What 19yo, hardworking young man turns down one of his fave (and free) foods? Because he loves them, I also made him some tater tots. 

BioHo and SD25's dwindling bridal attendants

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SD25's wedding is next month. (DH and I are sooooo looking forward to the day AFTER the wedding!) 

Three months ago, SD25 "uninvited" Mrs SS22 from bridesmaid duty (last paragraph of this blog:

Last week, another bridesmaid got the boot.

BioHo running the show

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I almost feel sorry for SD25. Almost. Her wedding is next month and BioHo is in control of things - something SD25 has been complaining about to DH and me for a couple of months now. Does she say anything to 'Ho? No. HELL no. SD doesn't want to risk the wrath of 'Ho and have her wedding turn into a sh*t show. Better to settle for a circus. Make that a fairy tale princess circus!

OT - Mental Health Monday

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Yay, it's Monday!!!

Said no one. *lol*  Okay, maybe if that's the start of your weekend or vacation. Biggrin

As you know, I am recovering from a wicked go'round with Covid (I won, you *&%#@!). Aaaaaaand I have been mentally beating the crap out of myself because my body is not responding the way I want. I've recovered from major surgeries faster than this. Sheesh! It has been (for me) frustrating.