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OT - Eff Off Friday

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(Thank God it's) Friday
(Thank God it's) Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday...

Yep, I'm getting down to the boogie sound of the Love & Kisses disco song (1978). 

TGIF, STalkers! It's a balmy 19 degrees outside and we have 6 inches of powder on the ground. Aniki is a happy camper! Except for:

Eff off to:

  • People who cannot follow step-by-step instructions.
    Arsehole: I couldn't get it done.
    Aniki: I gave you step-by-step instructions.
    Arsehole (shrugs): I didn't look at those.
    ~Aniki stares in wide-eyed disbelief at Arsehole~
    Arsehole (turns red, looks down at feet and mumbles): Sorry...
  • BioHo. Here's the texts between DH and 'Ho...
         Ho: Cn u cl me
         DH: Why
         Ho: SD23
         DH: And..
         Ho: Xms comin
         DH: Yep
         Ho: U gt her prz
         DH: ~crickets~
    And so begins the Christmas Gift Grab attempt!
  • Me. Yep, me. I've always considered myself to be a fairly likeable person. But why do I have to be SO likeable that I've just been invited to one of my most dreaded things? Gaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Party-type things I loathe:
    • Wedding showers
    • Kiddie birthday parties
    • Baby showers (the invite I'll be getting - maybe I'll have to work that day...)

Hope you have a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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I hate those shower things

Yeah.. my DH's EX used to ask him for money to buy the skids Xmas.  he told her that he was taking care of HIS end.. and she didn't need to buy her girl's love.

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I don't like those silly shower games and would rather go to the dentist and have a cavity filled!

For a number of years, DH couldn't afford presents. Until I came along and bought some little things. DH was so excited that, he wanted to decorate for Christmas. THAT got the boys excited! So even though it wasn't a lot money-wise, it was a lovely time.

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Hola Amiga!

Yeeesss TGIF!

Ummm can I ask what does this mean below? Sorry not fluent in Ebonics. 

Ho: U gt her prz


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Hola Siempre!

It was a shocker to see some vowels! LOL

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Yep eff off Friday! My eff off is still to Earthquakes and the stupidity they seem to bring out in force with them!

I was enjoying my coffee minding my own business yesterday when I click on fakebook and see "Did you feel that?!" um no actually I didn't, but according to USGS we had a okay, I felt the damn 3.9 the other week, but not the tiny 3.5!

So some dumb [email protected] had the nerve to say "It's birthing PANGS the earth is about to birth another big one, it's birthing PANGS!" I wanted to throat punch her so hard!

I hid the posts and went on about my day, but this morning Ventura is now having a rash of earthquakes, joy of joys!

I get it we live on a moving planet and this is normal, but I won't lie I'm tired of it at this point.

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Happy Friday!

EFF OFF to being so busy this month and next that everyday melts into each other and no rest for the weary.  It's been weeks since I have been home longer than 3 hours before bed.

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I hear that, classy! Nothing like getting home, throwing some dinner down my throat, then trying to go to sleep.

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Eff off to my job.  My Deputy MANAGER keeps saying she's not a manager.  Yes, yes. you. are.  The Manager is off on "leave" for bullying as half of our team reported and wrote statements against her.  Read: she's sitting at home while being paid 100% of her salary for up to 6 months while submitting sick notes every month for "stress".  Can't even begin to explain how disgusting that is.

But the Deputy MANAGER (who used to be the Manager but stepped down) now doesn't want to do F all.  It's so frustrating.  Whether you're the first manager in line or the 23rd...YOU ARE STILL A MANAGER!!!  Getting paid manager's wages to just keep saying "I'm not the manager".

People make me stabby.

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Eff off to:

  • Being conflicted
  • Honestly people
  • Not knowing what to do, or what's right.  Being frustrated and angry all at the same time.

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If you're conflicted about what I think, I will straight up Liam Neeson your butt.  The taking part, not the killing.

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I hate showers and such too.  10 years ago my SIL asked me to be her maid of honor. I will never do that again..for anyone.

I was a single mom and really struggling financially then- and had to also constantly look for help watching the kids while I threw her bachelorette/lingerie party...then the formal 'bridal' shower, then the wedding planning, then it was destination wedding (good thing I loved my brother)....then came shower for baby 1...then came 'gender reveal' for baby 2, then came baby sprinkle for baby 2....then gifts when they were born....

I got married in April....granted we eloped...but my older brother sent us a nice card and gift card....not a damn thing from my younger brother/SIL- not that I wanted anything but a card would have been nice given all I did for their big day dang....


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My DH and I eloped as I'd just gotten out of ICU and couldn't even walk. 

I had friends and relatives who I'd given gifts to for multiple marriages.  Plus all the presents and parties I gave for their children when they married. 

one person gave me two fingertip towels. 

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I just simply do not get this! I mean, I get that you want other adults around you after youve given birth and spend most of your time, goo goo, ga ga, etc and perhaps crave REAL conversations.

But on a Saturday???? There is just so much Id rather do - get my nails done, get my hair cut, go to the beach...sip champagne in my friends sunroom...

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CLove, I think kiddie birthday parties should be limited to parents, grandparents, and godparents. Or have a kiddie party for the child's schoolmates. 

I'll join you sipping champagne!

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I feel like I eff off the same things every Friday and yet, they persist. 

Eff Off to my co-workers who still can't get their jobs done and act as these things are not even their responsibities. 

Eff off to BM's attention-seeking behavior and need to make everything overly dramatic. Special eff off to passing this trait down to SS. Extra special eff off to DH's family for believing that BM is not just being manipulative, but rather is just a struggling "single mom" (who is not single and is only struggling because she's incompetent and attention seeking). 

Eff off to sucks and it sneaks up on you and it's especially hard when everyone else around you is oblivious and incompetent (see 1 & 2 above).

Eff off to my car dealership who always seems to "forget' to tell me about issues until they become big things leading to extra expenses. 

Eff off to doctors who can't seem to figure out what's wrong and complain about patients' google searches, when really patients google searching often do a better job of figuring out what's wrong. 

Eff off to everyone in my state who recently approved some really stupid initiatives that may make individuals feel better, but overall will create more problems to solve in the future. 

Eff off to parents who think that the issue their precious little poopsie is facing is somehow important and worth everyone else's time, when really, they should just tell poopsie to toughen up a bit. 

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F off to cancer---what the hell do you mean you don't know WHAT it is, OR WHERE it is, but you want to blast my sibling again with chemo F you.

F to ebonics also Aniki....I think if I read "I DUNNO" one more I am going to have to speak up.. How hard is it to write I do not know? OR I don't know? Makes me want to scratch out my eyes....

Aniki, your bm. , I would grab my husbands phone and write back to her. YOU SOUND LIKE A DARN IDOT. Oh and stop texting me about our adult kid.

Enjoy your cold weather Smile



F off to the hosts of THE VIEW............

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GL, every day is an Eff Off to that vile effing cancer. 

I work with an asshat whose favorite reply is "I dunno". If the mfer DOES not, he's not sharing because Job Security. He's the head honcho's ass monkey and a total waste of space otherwise.

BioHo's ebonics (and I hate to insult and downgrade ebonics by ASSociating 'Ho with it...) is somewhat amusing. SHE thinks she's so cooooool when the reality is she sounds like a facking moronic c-word.

I loathe those twunts on The View.

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failure to follow simple instructions yesterday although I took the day off.  i get work email on my phone 24/7.  I give corrections officer the six settings with screenshots how to adjust browser settings for their special web app.

His hapless supervisor forwards me his email "still not working."  NOTHING is more infuriating to IT workers than that phrase. 

I shot back "what's not working?"  

then listed each step he was supposed to complete. 

no longer will i be changing C shift workers passwords, begging for A shift worker to get off that computer, logging in as said C shift worker, adjusting browser settings, then telling supervisor about the pwd change.

And no, I am not allowed access to the enterprise group policy function to change browser settings for the 400 people who work there.  Maybe if I approach the new female sys admin I can ask her to do it for me?