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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF! Admittedly, the days continue to run together and I have to look at a calendar or my phone to know what day of the week it is. SO glad I'll be able to put away this damn laptop for two days!

Eff off to:

  • Endless webexes, teleconferences, and Zoom meetings. I have to keep my phone on a charging cable all bloody day so I don't run out of battery time. I have never been this UNproductive and it's frustrating.
  • Connectivity lags. My manager ASSumed my connection issues were due to me not paying for the $$$ internet. Newsflash! I was on the phone for over an hour yesterday with the company Helpdesk (different issue) and was told MANY are having this lag problem due to volume of users. So pffffffffft!
  • Me. For working too many hours (and NOT claiming the Unicorn known as Overtime) because my work ethic is frantically pushing me to "git er done". 
  • The coffee maker. It went belly up yesterday and I had to go out and buy  another one. Which is a lead-in to...
  • The fackwits who purposely fail to practice Social Distancing. Leaning into the driver side window to yak with a friend. Letting your kids play with other kids. Shopping like it's a recreational activity. Dropping in to visit people (WTH?!). Having barbecues and dinner parties and claiming you're all maintaining that 6 foot distance (when all of you go to the same freaking food table). Gaaaaaaaaah!!!


Wishing all good health and sanity! 


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Yes, TGIF, my idiot boss made us have completely unneccessary conference calls last weekend because he decided we had to submit a proposal 10 days before the deadline....ugh!  Thankfully no calls this weekend for me! Smile

I hope you enjoy your much deserved weekend!

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Yep, it was definitely overkill but I'm just happy to have a job right now and it really hasn't been to bad other than that!

Thanks Smile

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Back to back all damn day.  My ears hurt from wearing my earbuds all day for said phone conferences. And F off to the M'frs who didn't have the foresight to request a dedicated conference line if their own so they just dip into mine w/o asking.  How do I know? Dead air when I need to use it.  

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Most of which I'm sure could be an e-mail!  At least that is how I feel about my conference calls.  I guess they just have to make sure we are actually "working" from home?!?

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That's bloody inconsiderate!

I don't have earbuds because they hurt my ears. Speaker phone for me! And on Mute 99% of the time.

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In the UK, although all the supermarkets have social distancing policies in place, and only allow a set number of people in at any one time (person on duty at the door ensures this) - I pitched up at our massive local Tesco this morning at 8am to find a 300 yard queue snaking all around the car park.  Just disgusted!  this was the first time I went to this shop for a fortnight because it was so awful last time.  I didn't even park my car, just drove to another smaller supermarket locally which had zero queue and managed to get most of the things on my shopping list.  COVID19 has in many ways made me totally disgusted with my fellow humans.  I know there is also a lot of altruistic behaviour going on, but it doesn't really wipe out the nasty, greedy, "I'll step on your face to get what I want (not need)".  


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Kes, I would not have gone out at all, but no coffee for us would be Hell on earth. No one wants to be within 6 MILES of Mr Aniki sans coffee!


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We got coffee shipped to us via Target. I try to avoid the grocery store, if possible. Had pretty good success getting things delivered.

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We have plenty of coffee! We order from several places (one is Black Rifle). Just our luck that the coffeemaker died. Sad

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There is absolutely no way people are having dinner parties and barbecues and keeping a 6' distance. No way.

Are they not talking to each other at these events? Because it is natural human behavior to move closer than that to people when talking and SOCIALIZING.

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Right?! It's re-fackin-diculous and totally moronic.

TBH, this has not affected us all that much because we're introverts. But I know others who are introverts who are being stupid simply because they are not supposed to socialize. They suddenly feel the need, whereas before, they'd go weeks without seeing anyone. SMH

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That's what I told DH. Now that people CAN'T socialize in person, suddenly social media is not good enough and the FB, IG, and Twitter addicts want to get out and about.

I can be either introvert or extrovert, so this does not bother me, at all. DH and I are fine being homebodies, although he has a bad habit of going to the store a lot, but I'm breaking him of that.

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So you're an ambivert? I am, too, but lean more towards introvert.

My DH hates shopping. Unless it's for fishing and hunting equipment!

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1. Eff off to Toxic Troll, who decided this week would be a great time for a romantic interlude with random dude several miles away from the apartment, leaving sd13 alone with new puppy, SD21 Feral Forger (who doesnt drive)

2. eff off to Toxic Troll, who upon breaking down on said vacay, wait didnt she just get back from one...?) calls husband for "help and advice". Sometimes I wish he wasnt such a brilliant mechanic.

3. Eff off to Toxic Troll who bought a new husky puppy for that 1 bdrom apartment. now munchkin wont want to be with us for visitation because they are so bonded the puppy gets separation anxiety. But wait, feral forger...

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1. Toxic Troll is a moron.

2. It's not too late for your DH to establish the boundary that he is NOT AVAILABLE FOR JACK.

3. Munchkin needs to stay put until the lockdown is over.

Give rose

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Happy Friday!

Eff off to the client who had to pick up the sign and move it from the top of the stairs that states: WE ARE CLOSED TO WALK IN CLIENTS, PLEASE CALL US.  Just to get an ID card for his vehicle!!!!  I can email that to you!  Other than DH, he is the only person I have seen without being in my car or house looking out the window. Freaking Asshat!

Eff off to some of my friends who insist it is ok to sit on their porches 6 feet apart and have a glass of wine.  

Eff off to DH being on call all weekend.  

Stay safe and healthy friends! xo

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Whaaaat? Total asshat! Time to lock that door.

Your friends and the others who do that are part of the problem.  Sad

Kiss 2

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Eff off to one of my employees who hasn't paid attention to any of my communication to staff, nor any from the employer. Notices go out EVERY DAY and have for the last two weeks. Employer closed campus as of 5 pm yesterday, genius employee is now worried about her plants and asked my permission to go to retrieve them.

First, I don't have authority to grant that permission. Second, it's your own darn fault. Third, our offices are in the same building as security so you won't get in. But, sure, you're on your own to try, just don't call me later to bitch about it.

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Oh, FFS. Then she'll bloody well have to buy new plants. They are NOT a freaking necessity. SMH

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I like plants too, but her office is like an overgrown greenhouse. She has gardening shoes IN THE OFFICE. I guess she puts them on when she waters? I don't know. She's a looney anyway. Not my problem.

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Gardening SHOES in the office? Ridiculous. 

After you're allowed back in, she and her shoes can fit bizzy. 

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Eff of to my job that considers me essential, told me I could work from home and only come in 2 days a week, AND THEN RAN OUT OF COMPUTERS for me to take home. Sooooo... I am now the only one (in my job title....there are 5 of us) who has to come to work every day. One of the others never has to come in and the others only on Monday. 

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Eff off to being "on-call" to go into the office today. We're working opposite schedules from each other. I'm not supposed to work today, because another woman will be in the office. But now my bosses need admin support for a huge bid they're putting in. This should have been started 3 weeks ago, but now it's rush rush rush to get it done. Maybe they need me today, maybe they don't. I'm thankful to not be completely laid off during this time, but I need to know my schedule. I have others in my family to think about. And I don't want to be out around other people, even office mates, right now!!!

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Hey Aniki, you need to claim that overtime woman! If you earned it, it's yours!

Agree with eff offs to all those not following social distancing rules. Grrr.

Eff off to:

1. People who get off on effing around with other people's emotions, and then feign innocence.

That's really all I've got. It's been a good week on the Homefront.

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IAW, I cannot work OT without prior approval so would be SOL.


Evil Aniki stopped doing any work 2 hours ago. Oh, I'm still online as "working", but playing Addiction Solitaire (which weirdly soothes me...) on my phone. 

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DH and I ran out for a few necessities at the butt crack of dawn during "senior hours".  Guess what?  Store opened up and NO STOCKED SHELVES.  No paper products, no frozen stuff, little meat.  Why have some of the most vulnerable people come out and not have stuff stocked?  We left and were able to get a few things delivery service but it was several days between order and delivery.  I get it, hard to stay stocked, but please have some things for those who do some during those hours.

And, eff off to the skid who has yet to call to check on DH since major accident and COVID-19 pandemic.  How you sleep at night is beyond me. 

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Well, phooey! Helluva time for you to be making a wasted trip. 

It sounds like Mr Mountains continues to improve! *yahoo*

Fracking inconsiderate skid.

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My store changed their hours to accommodate this problem. So they have an extra hour to stock before the morning senior hour. I'm devoted to that store.