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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Yes, I'm late to the party. Unfortunately, it has NOT been a party. One word to describe this week:



Eff off to:

  • ZOOM *wacko*
  • King Pita, that effer yammers on and on and on and on and on.... *dash1*
  • Me for being an indispensible Jane-of-all-trades *unknw*


The "school bell" sounds in 12 minutes and I'll be signing off so fast, my keyboard will be smoking!

Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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OMG I need a strong drink today.

* Working on something BIG due TODAY and it was almost done yesterday. The person I'm working with (and in ultimate control of the project) said last night, "Oh I'm just making a few this and that and we'll check in tomorrow."

* I did this and that and today was greeted to ALL NEW documents and listings and another revised budget. WTF?

* Then she asks me to create a special document I have no experience in with less than 5 hours before the due date...and she says "Don't your cohorts do this too can you ask them?"  WTF?  No, only one person does it and he's out today....she found someone else to help her.

* And my cats have a vet appointment at 3:45 today so this better be done by then!

* And I am making DH borrow our neighbors car to take YSD to her sports thing today since he didn't check with me first when he accepted her March schedule. NO DH you cannot have my car, I've had a long planned vet appointment and you didn't ASK me first about my schedule. If this will be a problem moving forward you will have to get yourself your own car.


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Darlin', I am getting ready to pour a glass of scotch!

Your coworker makes me want to pour a double. 

~Evil Aniki smacks Mr. Cover in the back of the head~


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EFF OFF to people who don't tell me when they need xyz. If you don't TELL me it's urgent, I'm not going to treat it as urgent because I have these other urgent things. They're urgent because other people waited until the damn last minute. And if you didn't give me all the information, don't you DARE get upset with me.



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Right?! And you'd better ask the boss if your idiocy, er, urgency takes precedence over her demands. 

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Eff off to people who pontificate to show off their brilliance so much that a 15 minute stand-up turns into a 2 1/2 hour drawn out meeting. I have what I call an uncrontrollable face. My manager saw my face and he knew I was done. He cut off my team-mate and ended the meeting. That's 2 1/2 hours I'll never get back. She's pulled this stunt every damn day this week. 

Eff off to the f*cking raven that has taken up residence in my backyard. He does his cawing sound or whatever that noise that ravens make and does it non-stop during my teams meetings and then when I'm not in meetings he's silent. WTF? He also scares my neighbour kitty away and I don't get my daily kitty cuddles. 

Great! I have another teams call in 9 minutes and the landscaper guy has decided to start leaf blowing under my office window. He seems to have timing like that every week. LOL

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 Leaking water heater, tenant noticed on Monday, then waited until FRIDAY AFTERNOON to report the problem!!! Guess what Azzhole, you get to go all weekend without hot water, because you were too stupid to report it in a timely manner. Thank G,  the leaking water heater is in the garage and not inside the house. I am not sending the plumber out and have to play double time for a weekend/after hours call.

Since the Pandemic started, many tenants are working home and find a repair issue early in the week, but wait until Friday to report the problem. Sorry, but Silicone Valley Millennials suck, they may have a great education, but they are dumb as a fence post when it comes to common f*ck*ing sense.

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I effing hate reviewing them.  Really nothing much changes in my world in a week so what is the point.

Have a great weekend everyone.  SO and I are going to Happy Hour at a local place (outdoor seating)...almost like normal life Smile