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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF, STalkers!!! This work week has been both hectic and annoying and I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Biggrin

Eff off to:

  • Spammers with offensive user names. Who else has received Friend Requests from new users 3 seconds after they joined? I received one last night with a doozy of a user name. Anyone else on the receiving end of these buttheads??
  • That relentless waster of time, King Pita. Why, no, KP, we have nothing better to do than sit through yet another Zoom watching you do your job - which has NOTHING to do with us. But since you're higher on the food chain, we're held captive to your neverending idiocy. *dash1*
  • Due dates changing after 10+ YEARS of staying the same. Today is payday. I pay bills on payday. Imagine my surprise when I logged in to pay a bill to find that the due date of the 16th of the month is the 14th this month. I rechecked me email. No notice that I'd missed the payment. For the first time in damn near 25 years, I have a late feel on an account. Dammit!!!
  • Bridal and baby showers. I'm not a fan of either one and do my damndest to not attend. I managed to go 20 between baby showers. The last bridal shower I attended was... 30 years ago. What to do with this invite...


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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Eff off to, but thankful for medical issues. My best friends husband became very ill suddenly and was hospitalized. While treating him they discovered he has a medical issue that left untreated would have killed him.
Eff off to sun spiders, they are big and ugly and scary and there is one in the restroom here at work and it creeped up on me this morning!

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Wow, advice! Sorry about your bestie's husband, but happy to hear they found that medical issue. Prayers for a quick recovery!

Yuck, spiders. I'm okay with spiders if they're outside. And not building webs on/over/around/near things I need to use. In the house? Sorry, but you've got to go! Here's a nice swirlie to send you on your way. *diablo*

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Yes, I got a friend request from the same user. There are some odd ones about at the moment, aren't there?

This week, the COVID rules here were extended. You must now have a COVID pass (proof that you've been vaccinated) or produce negative test results if you want to attend a wedding with 50 people or more. Now, that in itself seems fairly reasonable, right? Only, we're going to attend our niece's wedding in 3 weeks time.

It was originally planned for mid-June and was to be a 3-day event. It is now to be a 2-day event. My SIL does not believe in COVID (yes, Aniki, it's an international movement Smile ) and will not be getting vaccinated (it's too late now, anyway) - ditto her husband and her daughters (one of whom is the bride... They are all going to depend on negative tests. So far, so good, right? Now, what are the odds of one of them coming up positive? Imagine a wedding without an MOB... or without a bride... or both (because they'd all be contact cases). The bets are open! 

For the life of me, I can't understand why people would prefer to have regular tests with things stuck up their noses rather than a 1 or 2 times jab ... 

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Winterglow, 'odd' is one word for it... Wink

Jeez, how far in advance of the weeding do they plan to get tested? 15 minutes? 1 day? A problem with negative test results is that they can be false positives. And those who have been vax'd can still catch the C word. 

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I think we'll be taking two cars there because if they start hugging and kissing people on the cheeks one of my daughter (at least) is going to want to high tail it out of there ASAP. Frankly, the other one should too as she's in a high-risk group. I think they have to get tested 2 days before which leaves them another 2 days to catch it. 

The stupidity runs high ...

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While I think the elbow bump is silly, I've never been big on all of the huggy/kissy stuff. This pandemic has made me so much MORE antisocial... 

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You're not alone in that (I much prefer the "namaste" solution). However, this is Mediterranean France and close contact is (or rather, was) the rule. It took me a very long time to get used to it, coming from the north of Scotland as I do. 

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I'm Finnish descent. The huggy/kissy with immediate family is one thing. Or with close friends of many years. IMO, too many people are quite casual with affection and I've never gotten used to that.

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I hate them.  Ugh.  I had to tell our CEO not to hug me when he was congratulating me on my wedding.  I literally shoved a lever arch binder in between our bodies.  He wasn't being inappropriate.  I'm just that uncomfortable.

I do not come from a touchy feely family.

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Wow. I cannot imagine a CEO trying to hug me. That doesn't seem appropriate at all.

My Dad was very much the stoic Finn and not touchy feely until one of my brothers almost died. It was a life changing moment for Dad. After that, he was much more affectionate and - since that time - makes a point of saying "I love you" at the end of every conversation.

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Can you complain to the service provider Aniki and get them to remove the late fee and possible ding on your credit score?  If they didn't communicate the change then its on them.

I did the same this month and missed an email with my bill from the gas company.  Luckily I caught the follow up email before the late fees kicked in.  I have never done this before, ever.  Unlike your situation this was completely my own fault.

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Thank you, TASM! I honestly did not even think about that. However, it IS my fault for not reading the bill and simply assuming that the date stayed the same after many years. But it's worth a shot. *give_rose*

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If this is the first time you have been late in 20+ years and its coming straight after they changed their dates, then they didn't communicate effectively.  If they don't want to wave it, can you change provider?

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  • I'm with you on the spammers.  I seem to get the messages a day or two later than you.  I suspect they are going down the list in alphbetical order.
  • Mr Bottleneck has gone on holiday/vacation without finishing some urgent work that we are legally obliged to hand over to the counterparty on a deal I'm working on.  We are going to have to McGyver something in his absence.
  • Delta variant is running wild here.  Can't visit my mom, still.  The country I'm in will let me travel but the country she's in won't let me in without a 2 week quarantine even with a double dose of vaccine.

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Those bloody spammers should get a nasty computer virus. *diablo*

Mr Bottleneck needs a Flying Five Fist Monkey Nut Punch. Hopefully, this will be a big DING on his record. Poopiehead.

That sucks! I'm so sorry, hon. *give_rose*

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I'm not a huge family person but I usually get to see her once or twice a year.  Last time was December 2019 so its getting to be a very long time.  On the upside, my sister lives around the corner from her so she's had plenty of backyard visits from her and my nieces.

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That's great she's had family contact. Married friends of mine - both the only child - both of their mothers are in nursing homes. It was well over a year before they could finally hug their moms. Sad

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To insomnia.  I feel like a zombie today.

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Eff off anxiety and panic attacks.   Eff off insomnia.  I have had trouble getting to sleep and I'll have to start getting up early on Monday so I can get my daughter to band camp. I get anxiety at night for some reason.  I decided to try melatonin Wednesday night.  Instead of just getting sleepy and going to sleep, I had a panic attack and tremors in reaction to it.  I had to wake my husband up because I was scared and he can usually calm me down.  He couldn't.  I just had to wait it out.  Then I was scared to go to sleep.  He went back to sleep for a little while I think but the poor man was very tired when he came home from work last night.  I ended going to sleep for a few hours at around 6am.  I was pretty much a zombie yesterday.  I went to bed earlier last night.  Still had a little trouble but read a book for maybe 20 or 30 minutes then went to sleep.  I've taken anti anxiety drugs in the past but don't really want to do that again.  My body seems to want to react badly to a lot of medicines so I'm very leery of them in general.  I really hate my body.  

Eff off grocery stores who can't stock their shelves.  Is it too much to ask for them to keep bird food in stock?  And millet and perch covers?  My son has three parakeets and they would live on millet if we let them.  Now I am considering switching their food to one I can get from Pet Smart.  I already buy almost all of the guinea pigs' stuff from there.  My daughter has three guinea pigs.  We also have two cats.  I live in a zoo, please send help.  

Eff off Covid.  I haven't hugged my mom in over a year.  I saw her Mothers Day weekend but she is doing the social distancing still.  She comes outside in a mask.  She's still debating getting the vaccine.  Honestly though I think she would still social distance because you can still catch and spread it even if you're vaccinated and she would be worried.  I never thought that she would react like this.  She's always been one with the attitude of if I get it I get it and I never thought she had a fearful bone in her body.  

Eff off schools.  The kids don't want to come back.  Why must you talk about back to school almost as soon as school lets out?  What are you doing with my tax money that you must come to me with your hand out demanding more of my money?  Why do I have to pay over 600 dollars for my daughter to march for maybe three months?  

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PetSpoiler, I am so sorry you're dealing with insomnia and panic att*dash1*acks. {{{HUGS}}} I can relate and also have had bad reactions to meds. It took a long time for me to find a med that works for my panic attacks and it must be taken when I'm panicky/panicking. It sucks. 

That's something - well, annoying - about the vax. You get it, but must continue to wear a mask and social distance (I've come to hate that word combo!) because you can still get it. 

Tax dollars are a YUGE eff off on multiple platforms! Years ago, I lived in the highest taxed school district with the worst success rate. WTH were they doing with my tax dollars? Because the school continued to go downhill. Ish.

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Eff off to the side effects of the shngles vaccine:  horribly sore arm and flu like symptoms for 24 hours. It was awful, I was down for the count all day yesterday. Back at it today though with a bit of arm soreness but that's it.  Then in a couple months do it again. But yay no Shingles!

Eff off to skids. I"m so much more relaxed w/out one here. It's such a huge difference when our 'hotel guest' isn't around.

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Sorry to hear about those ouchie side effects, Cover. Hopefully, the next round is less painful. I've heard that shingles are horribly painful, so guessing that ouchie shot is preferable!

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ANIKI about the due date change on one of your bills.

OMG this happened to me too. I called and they pulled back the fee. I was not about to let that go.




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Eff off to missing out on a 10 day vacation to an island because I got bit by a tick and got so sick i was hospitalized right before I was supposed to leave.  Check yourself if you are out in the wilds.. this isn't lyme disease.. but it was causing liver failure and my platelet count took a nose dive.. so beware!

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1. To COVID spikes in our area. Living in a tourist town, what do I expect?

2. To the constant clouds and fog. One sunny day would be nice!

3. To my 5 steps foward, 20 steps backward pathway to disengagement from SD15 Backstabber/Munchkin. * See new blog *