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O.T/ Holloween costumes

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SD18 probaly wants to wear some dental floss and pasties and call that a costume but last I heard she is stuck between cat woman and bat girl. SD15 wan't to paint her belly like a basketball or football and wear a cheerleading outfit. DD6 is going to be princess bubblegum. DH is going to be gru and the dobbies and I are going to be minions( from despicable me). I already got the dobbies costumes so cute. We throw our anual holloween party every year and I get just as excited as DD6 does.

What are your costumes?


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Sweat pants and a tank top. Smile Sitting on my front porch of my new house giving out candy while hiding my beer from the kids coming up to the house. I wish I was creative to make a costume. DD5 is going to be wonder woman. I don't even think she knows who that is. Sad

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BM picked out the skids' costumes since Halloween falls on her time. SD5 is going as a "Naughty Leopard". SD7 is going as a "Bat Fairy".

DH and I don't dress up .. we don't get any trick-or-treaters so there's not much point. I guess we're just not real big Halloween people, in general.

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Yup. The very same one. BM bought it last month when the Halloween crap first hit the shelves. I think the one that got pulled was the "Toddler" size .. but the size Small for girls is the same costume.

I can't imagine it will sexualize SD5 anymore than the mini skirts, halter tops, and platform sandals she dresses her in on other days. When DH picked up the skids last Friday, SD5's skirt was so short he could see her panties. :sick: