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Your thoughts on sharing lipstick/chapstick

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I caught SD18 painting on some of my lipstick on her way out to a date. I made her put my crap back and get out of my room and yep I got the pop lip and eyeroll. I threw the tube away when she left. DH got on my case like I threw it out because she has cooties. No its that I don't know what boy she has been kissing or where her lips have been. I don't use lipstick that has to be painted on and stuck back in a tube after someone else uses it. He brought up the fact that I let DD6 use my chapstick. yeah cause I can just wipe of the top layer. What are your thoughts?


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He needs to get over it dd6 is your child and u know where her lips have been. We have a huge issue with sd13 eating out of wholeccontainers or drinking from the entire gallon of milk. I don't do this with my own bs13. We don't even double dip. I have thrown items away whe dh wasn't looking.

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Ick. No, I don't share. I do however make sure everyone has their own items like lip moisturizers and such for dry/chapped lips. I have carried a tube of the like in my purse for use when needed. I simply squirt a dab on kids finger and they can apply to their lips. I also carry small containers of hand sanitizers for cleaning hands also.

With items like lipstick/gloss, eye shadows, foundations creams blah blah blah, I have mine, my daughter has her own. No sharing but I purchase decent cosmetics for her and/or allow her to 'earn' money to select items in cosmetic dept/counter she desires. If I caught her helping herself to my items (especially without permission) yes, I'd be upset. She keeps her personals in her bedroom/bath and I keep my in mine. There is no reason to sneak and or share. Growing up in middle school and high school it drove me nuts to see girls passing lip gloss, mascara and hair brushes back and forth. Ick. Ick. Ick.

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Sharing makeup with your own kid is one thing but sharing it with Skids.. :sick: He needs to get off your back and focus on correcting his own including keeping her out of your room where she don't belong in the first place. That is my opinion at least.

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I'm a germaphob, so I would've done the same. SDs know better than to use my stuff without asking. I don't even share combs with them. Ugh!

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Thanks for the tip. And with DH he won't ground his kid unless someone else strongly advised him to. You could slap him in the face with a book called " how to discipline your kids" and he would still look puzzled. He at least backs me up on me up on my discipline choices. He is like having a fourth kid around the house.

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I appreciate the different opinions. personally I let my DD6 use my chapstick every once in a while and scrap off the top layer. I don't let anyone use my liquid lipstick and stick the stick back in the tube that's gross to me. And I don't share any other makeup period. That's just me. sorry. But I do appreciate seeing how others feel on the subject that's why I asked.

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Never never never share lipstick, liner, eye liner, or mascara. They are a fantastic medium for growing cooties. I used to teach theatrical makeup and the no share policy was drilled into my students' heads. Grounds for failing my course.

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Ick ick ick. SD20 has herpes virus (cold sores), so no way I would share with her. She gave them to DH. SD also constantly has strep throat. No thank you.

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I love kissing my DH so very much but I absolutely HATE that he thinks it's okay to use my chapstick. So gross and yucky. :sick:

To be honest I keep a chapstick hidden in my purse at all times.

DH also thinks it's cool to share the same chaptick with the skids. NOPE.NOT.COOL. Once it touches their lips it's poison to me.

There are some things that just should not be shared chaptick, lipstick and makeup fall into that category.