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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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It's that day again! How goes the toning? I hope there are some success stories. Biggrin

Breakfast is important. If you don't fuel your body, you'll pay for it. Headache, low blood sugar, shakes... What's your favorite morning fuel?

  • Cheese omelet
  • Oatmeal and 2 slices of real bacon
  • Puuro and 2 slices of back bacon
  • Baked Lake Superior whitefish, chilled (this is my absolute fave!!!)


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I eat leftovers for breakfast. I learned that from my 93 year old BFF. No reason one has to only eat “breakfast” food in the morning. 

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to smoked salmon!  But I have a nutritionist visit tomorrow so not sure whether I will be chastised or chatted to.

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I second the salmon-loving. Every other Friday night I make salmon for dinner, and always ensure there are just enough leftovers for me to have a scrumptious cold salmon breakfast.

Last weekend, I ate my cold morning salmon atop a warm bowl of coconut jasmine rice. Yummy!

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I can't stand people who can eat anything they want and not gain an ounce!  The chief of Emergency Mgmt Dept here is this guy in his mid fifties who eats junk food constantly and is as thin as a rail!  I found out via genetic research that I am prone to gain weight AND I also have an "elite athletic" gene whatever that means.

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My Dad is one of those people. I KID YOU NOT his entire diet is soda, pretzels and other random junk food. He is skinny as a rail. 

I have enough BLT (but legs & tummy) for the both of us, I wish I had inherited that gene. 

Honestly though, I'm sure you look amazing! 

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I ate exactly 10 Caramel Delight (Samoa) girl scout cookies for breakfast. LOL I had a bran muffin when I got into work.

But, for lunch, I have a baked chicken breast over brown rice with broccoli and carrots. Biggrin

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It's Sodexo food service at my job. I don't think anyone has a recipe. They probably either get them from a bakery or make them from a mix.

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When I'm trying to be good, I do smoothies. Oikos Triple Zero yogurt (high protein, low carb, fiber) with milk, spinach, and berries. If I'm in a rush, just the yogurt and berries.

My "sinful" breakfasts include bagels. I LURVE bagels with plain cream cheese. I could probably get behind putting some salmon on there, too.

At a restaurant, it's chorizo or gyro omelets with well-done hash browns and buttery-soft sourdough toast.

I'm also partial to a cream cheese danish if it's more cream cheese than danish. Or a homemade cinnamon roll so long as it's super soft (I can't stand crunchy sweet bread).

Warm donut holes or cream horns with meringue (none of that icing nonsense) and coarse sugar are great for grab-and-go.

And leftovers. Reheated spaghetti, leftover tacos, warmed over pizza.

I do enjoy a hard-boiled egg or a McGriddle now and again.

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Egg white omelette with a horrendous amount of swiss cheese, ham and onions.

Cream chipped beef on white toast only.

Chips and salsa

Left over any pasta with shrimp

MMMM Beef and cheese burritos

LIverwurst and onions on Rye

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My favorite is miso soup with tofu or a hard boiled egg or two - plus dried seaweed sprinkled on top.

Sooooo good and savory...

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My go-to is scrambled eggs (depending on my mood, I do 2 whole eggs, 1 whole egg and 1 egg white, or 3 egg whites. lol), with 1/4 of an avocado mixed in, OR a piece of whole wheat toast with 1/4 of an avocado and afore-mentioned eggs on top.

Sometimes I'll do blueberry flax seed oatmeal (delicious).

But if I'm saying screw it and eating what I want....It's either Eggs Benedict, a bagel sandwich with cheese, egg, and bacon....or I love me a good everything bagel with cream cheese, never toasted. I love breakfast!

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Cocoa Puffs and chocolate almond milk. Yes 3

Seriously, I've been on a Cocoa Puffs kick lately and I can't stop. I think I need help.