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gotta say my kids stepped up...SD did not..*shock*

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My two kids....DH's skids both made an effort to call DH and wish him a happy father's day.  They also dropped off a card and a present for him.  I never said a word to either of them....they did it all on their own. They also made sure to call their grandfather ( my dad) and wish him a happy father's day.

My DH was over the moon that my kids wished him a happy Father's Day.  SD..yea even though DH picked her up from the Beaver Den didn't wish him anything till I told her too.  SMH....both my skids are sad sacks of disappointment.

At least I can take pride I raised two very thoughtfull and kind individuals.


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That's good he felt appreciated at least by your kids. And as annoying as it is to have to say something to your skids it's good you did. They're clearly not being parented as well. 

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My Skids also did nothing for Father's Day, yet again. DH commented, "you didn't do anything for Father's Day" and one side in a rude voice, "I didn't make it to the store." Um, this is a kid who "hangs out" at target with his friend and it's not like the cards haven't been out for months. 

DH then told skids that for Father's Day they would help him with yard work. He wanted to move some rocks in the yard, so he could weed, put down new mulch and then move the rocks back. I look out and the rude SS is half-heartedly moving rocks. I think DD (who is not yet 2 and who had a double ear infection) moved more rocks than he did. I then look out and that SS is sitting on the ground looking at his phone. Then he is sitting in the car. DH then takes both skids to the hardware store to get supplies (they are 16, so not sure why they couldn't keep working while he went). They come back with lunch and after lunch, lazy SS lies on the living room couch. He then goes upstairs to take a shower...he's worn the same clothes all weekend, but is going to take a shower 30 minutes before going to BM's. After his shower, he takes the dirty towel and puts it on top of the clean laudry that is on the folding table waiting to be folded. This is a regular thing for him. In the past, he's opened up the washing machine, that is clearly full of laundry that had been washed, because it's wet, and thrown his towel in there. The told DH I yelled at him when he put his towel on the floor in the laundry, I yelled at him when he left his dirty towel lying in the hallway. 

This and other ridiculous drama this weekend has led me to decide that I'm no longer a stepmom, I'm just dad's wife.