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Been a roller coaster ride here.....

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Lets see....we had to help our 3 year old dog....aka seizure dog over the rainbow bridge.  His seizures become too much and were causing him to become agressive/obsessive. That culminated in him becoming obsessed with his brother to the point they started to fight..  When we ..DS23 and I were breaking them up...seizure dog went after DS .....and DS had to have 6 stitches.  Sigh....seizure dog was having trouble with his back legs and bladder control due to all the seizure meds he had to take just sort of control them.  He still averaged 1 to 2 grand mal seizures a week.

Beaver at her finest and update on DH and I ...sort of long

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Ah Beaver never ceases to create situations that make me laugh.  Here is the latest...

SD got a  new involves little kids and teaching them to swim.  Much better fit than cashier at a food joint.  SD loves little kids and this requires no math skills, etc.  Good for I'm hopefull that this one will stick.  Time will tell...

So...along with DS I have DH also having tantrums

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SD got a new job...woohoo for her. She is working at a local swim school as a front desk clerk.  No money probably a better fit for her.

Ah...let the games begin..and I liken this to being in the hunger games...the odds are never in my favor.

SD needs forms filled out and signed...needs to setup her direct deposit..find a black one piece swimsuit...(the string bikini Beaver bought her won't work) find swim shorts, etc.

Sort of Step related..but in reverse it deals with BS

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Ugh..BS 23...who is very high functioning autisic..(fka asperbergers) is still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.  He has a college degree already but yep works part time while he decides what job he wants or if he wants grad school.  He currently lives with DD in a condo that we (me and DH) own and pays for the utlities.  

Welp that job didn't last long - SD was fired but not fired

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So SD didn't have any hours last week and then couldn't see the schedule for this week.  She finally called..and yep no hours this week.

The manager told her to start looking for a new job since they cut down on hours due to new hires, etc and that she would basically not be working. 

So  SD was fired without being fired...

Just shaking my head...I saw it coming since she couldn't count change and has trouble following directions.  Oh and was way to worried about how she looks....


gotta say my kids stepped up...SD did not..*shock*

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My two kids....DH's skids both made an effort to call DH and wish him a happy father's day.  They also dropped off a card and a present for him.  I never said a word to either of them....they did it all on their own. They also made sure to call their grandfather ( my dad) and wish him a happy father's day.

My DH was over the moon that my kids wished him a happy Father's Day.  SD..yea even though DH picked her up from the Beaver Den didn't wish him anything till I told her too.  SMH....both my skids are sad sacks of disappointment.

How is the job going you ask....its a effort of futility

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SD and the job..

SD and DH as you know just got back from a 4 day trip. SD now needs her schedule and here in the good old midwest....the spring/summer storms have arrived and there are alot of places that don't have electricity.  We have electric but I live in a city that has their own electric grid...and electric deparment/repair etc.  

SD has been unable to pull up her schedule on the schedule app.  So I ask what would one do if you cannot get your work schedule.

A.  call the place of employment and ask if there is a paper copy

Eyelashes and selfies...that was the theme of DH's trip with SD

halo1998's picture the end of 4 days DH was way over the eyelashes and selfies.

Quotes  "she takes an hour or more in the morning to get ready and that doesn't include a shower"

"I'm so tired of hearing about her mouth is not perfectly symetrical.  It  goes down more one side and how horrible that is"

"Every 5 seconds she take a many damn pictures does she need of herself"

Ah..Halo was chuckling to herself over all of this.

The best part...