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And it begin folks....can't say I didn't see this coming..SD is going the same as GWR

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As we know SD was in jeopardy of not graduation.  DH let her know in under no circumastances that is not ok.  SD has gotten her form filled out, etc.  However, needless to say the conversation between SD and DH was a bit tense...and DH was very stern.  (as he should be)

SD had a well-child appointment..the last one that DH will ever have to do as SD will be 18 in 218 days..and thus ending DH's responsibility for SD's healthcare.

In this appointment SD had the following complaints/issues..

1.  Her stomach hurts all the time.

2.  She has issues with pooping.

Update to Eff my life....

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We now have a very pouty SD cause DH made her deal with this crap.

After I got home the other day. DH knew I was PISSED off about this whole thing.  I told him I am not waiting another year to get on with our lives because SD can't get her shiznit together.  I will sell this house out from under them..they can figure out another year of housing and I will move where the eff I want to.  I was done..I've done my time and its not fair to keep jacking my life around for his failed reproductive experiment.  

Oh eff my life..I swear

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After coming off a week of oncall hell....Saturday I was on a call for 18 hours...(thank you Microsoft Azure).  

I get the following from DH regarding SD..

SD was called out of class. She doesn't have enough seals (ie passing enough state tests) to graduate. She needs to earn more seals.


Is this a surprise to me...NO.  I saw the state tests and the fact she only passed one and knew her graduating might not be happening.  DH assured me when I asked she was on track.  


Natural Consequences for SD

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Sd and her friends are in a tiff.  One "friend" is in her study hall class.  Yesterday DH gets an alert that SD isn't in study hall. thing he gets a text from SD telling him..that she has detention.  DH asks "Why do you have detention?"  Its because she skipped study hall.  

Well looky here..Beaver trying to remain relevant

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We have 241 days till DH's great emancipation. in the last few weeks Beaver has..

Abandoned SD at a was too late and Beaver didn't want to drive.  SD had to go her friends for the night. She was embarassed to call DH for a ride and to come home.

Dipped out of all transportation of SD to work....

Dipped out of taking SD to her in car driving lessons...(I get to do that since my work is flexible)

Kept SD's social security card from us and from Sd...Because "SHEEE HADDDDD IT FIRSSSTTTTTT".


Another Holiday...same reindeer games

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10 months y'all ..I have 10 more months of these reindeer errr...beaver games.

Father's Day....Shared parenting agreement....pick up SD at 8 a.m. from the Beaver damn..and then Beaver picks up SD from our house the very next day at 8 a.m.  Easy right.....sure if your not Beaver.  

DH send SD text..I will pick you up on Sunday at 8 a.m. Be ready..and NO jammie pants we are going out to breakfast and I don't want to take you out in jammie pants and crocs.  Also, please ask your mom what time she will be picking up on Monday.