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Sigh of relief today...

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this not surprisingly not about Beaver...I know..shocker right.

I breathed a sigh of relief today when I realized that The Village Idiot has no more holds over me.  

DD is currently on vacation with my mother..her grandmother.  I realized today that the Village Idiots birthday is today and that DD would not be there to worship ..I mean celebrate the VI.  I also realized...I don't have to take any calls, emails, text message, mail, smoke signals or homing pigeons from the VI.  MY KIDS ARE ALL ADULTS...wooohoo....both are high school graduates and I am not bound to take any communication.

Normally, DD not being there to worship..I mean celebrate the VI...would mean an email or text message on how I am the root of all evil in the world and my kids hate me...blah, blah, blah.  I breathed a hefty sigh of relief and smiled.  No more threats to take me to court, no more  hate mail, no vile phone calls.  

What a liberating feeling...


So....what is your moment of relief in terms of skids or bkids?


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My SSs BM and her SO are so spiteful that I feared them calling CPS on me for made up issues.  My Oldest SSs hated me and my BS.  BMs SO has connections with CPS in our area so I was always waiting for that to happen.   Once my BS launched I stopped worrying.   I was always more concerned for him and how a false report would affect him than myself.

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I was always worried Beaver would try the cps trick and cause my bio's a bunch of pain and give The VI more reason to come after me.  Now...not a problem.   

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My moment of relief came when Spawn turned 18 and I realized we were truly free of her and Meth Mouth. No more court, no more drama, just no more! I actually cried that day I didn't realize how much it freed me that she was an adult and I didn't have to be held hostage by them anymore.

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feeling of freedom.  I have to 4 years until Beaver is distant spec in my rearview mirror.

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When SS20 turned 18 then graduated high school two years ago, the relief I felt was great. I'd spent five years knowing BM could take DH to court or pull some HCBM nightmare lie, etc. 


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I have a decent relationship with my ex and we didn't fight about support or custody. So a pretty good situation, as those things go.

But my liberation moment came years later when I ran into him and he didn't recognize me. I spoke to him and it was evident that he didn't know who I was. I introduced myself to my exhusband. My DH was in the background shooting coffee out his nose it was so funny.

Damn that was good. Totally confirmed that he never really "saw" me to begin with.

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I have no bios. 

My relief came about when March happened and it was the very last Spousal Support payment that my DH had to make.

This came about a week after she had threatened to take him back to court and up his alimony as well as child support, from 300 and 347 resepctively. I dont know if she just did not realize that the spousal was ending. The threats came about when DH made noises about not working on her car anymore and she spewed flames and snorted and growled that it was "part of their agreement that she would keep the alimony low in exchange for work on her car, and that she was told that she could get more child support".

so, I panicked and researched, and found that under certain circumstances she could extend the support but not likely up it. However she COULD possibly up the child support.

So - because I am a freak about documentation, I drafted a letter for her to sign that she has recieved ALL spousal support, paid in full over the course of 3 years and 11 months (paraphrased) and she did in fact sign the mo fo.

Im so looking forward to Munchkin SD14 graduating, a month after she turns 18, that I fantasize about the date. And filing the paperwork. And getting the judgement back. And no more "checking on when I get MY support check" as well as no more "when are you bringing her over, I need her to watch my dog". I told Munchkin that we were going to have a big party, and she could show up if she wanted to. She looked at me funny, like "why are you having a party that I might not want to show up for????"

Would it be bad for me to tell her????? LOL.

3 years and 10 months to go...

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we have 4 years till SD graduates.  She is a freshamn this fall..

I bought a cake when DH and were married longer than each of our other marriages...I bought a cake when I was divorced from the VI longer than I was married to bet your sweet pippy I will be buying a cake on the day of DH's child support emancipation.

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I will call munchkins grad party "Emancipation Party" Brilliant!


Our 2 year aniversary is coming up in a few weeks...

But the Emancipation will be so much better.

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When my SD got married at 18, which emancipated her and ended CS, and ended BM being ANY part of our lives. DH has refused to speak to her since.

Turns out that lifelong bond she thought she had with him was only in her psycho mind.