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Spring Break ploy for sympathy and the birthday of "he who shall not be named" aka GWR

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Ah..spring is in the air..or it was till my lovely state reentered the artic zone.  Seriously, I enjoyed the 70F degree weather only turn around a few days later to.....26F degrees.  WT....pick a damn season mother nature.  I'm tired of the could we just move on to spring now.

Where there is spring there is spring breatk.  This is DH's year for spring break, they alternate every other year.  Spring Break is defined as starting on Monday of break and ending on the Friday of break, and the weekend schedule not to be disturbed.  The calendar god has looked favorable on DH and he gets spring break during what would be Beaver's week.  This doesn' t happen often for DH..usually it falls on his normally scheduled week.  This scenario has happened often for Beaver...which means outside of the weekend. she would get 3 weeks in a row with SD.  Not this year there Beaver..this year that is how it works out for DH.  DH will have SD for three weeks.  

DH sent Beaver a message on Sunday night asking if he should pick up SD on Monday morning, the start of spring break or would Beaver be dropping off SD on her way to work (Beaver works about 2 miles from our house).  Either way, DH did not care he just wanted to know so he could plan. An hour goes by and no answer...DH messages again, more time goes by.  Hmmm..interesting.  Best guess here..Beaver was scrambling to find the shared parenting agreement to see if there was loop hole so that DH wouldn't have SD for the entire week.  Spoiler ..there isn't a loop hole. 

After about an hour and half...she sends..  "Are you planning on having SD all week of spring break?"  

DH is like WTF does she think..of course I'm going to have her all week. What am I going to just say..oh sure I will just have a few days and you can have the rest?...She can just f8ck off.

DH responded to Beaver with ..Yes..I am keeping SD all week for spring break"

Beaver then responded back with.....

"Well I don't have to drop her off in the morning but I will since it will give me 25 extra minutes with SD since you are going to keep her all week". 

DH...rolled his eyes so far back into his head he could have seen China.  He was like "oh I'm going to feel sorry for her..she never compromises or gives sh*t about me when this happens in reverse.  She can just eff off"

He responded back to Beaver with.......OK

Nope..Beaver we do not feel sorry for you in the least.  You have never ever ever compromised on anything in the 15 years you have been divorced.  Go cry into your wine glass or to someone that cares.

On other news.  this week GWR will have a birthday....DH hasn't mentioned it and I know he will not contact GWR..question will be will his family of origin aka my MIL contact GWR despite DH telling them to quit contacting GWR.  I'm placing my bet on YES......but we will see 


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She's so clueless.

How old will GWR be?  Isn't he off your DH payroll now?

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He was taken off last year...only SD remains and we have exactly 24 months left for her.  Yes.I'm counting down the months till Beaver is no longer in my Dh's wallet.

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SD15/6 is almost at 24 months and  am also counting down. Because in addition to kicking Toxic Troll out of Husbands wallet, no more car b1tch action, and no more Toxic Troll in our business anywhere really.

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Fool’s Spring 

Second Winter   <- we are here

Spring of Deception 

Polar Vortex 

“It wouldn’t be so bad out without the wind” 

Actual Spring 

Pothole season 

Hell’s front porch 

False Fall 

Second Summer 

Mosquito Heaven 

Actual Fall

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July/August here is Hell's front porch....and we are already in pothole season.

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"Well I don't have to drop her off in the morning but I will since it will give me 25 extra minutes with SD since you are going to keep her all week". 

Where in the world to these bm's come up with such stuff. ^^^ Bless her heart.

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What is it with these BMs and all their nonsense questions and petty editorializing. BM here would also ask if DH would essentially be following the, yes. He would also get the "I don't have to, but..." followed by something about how BM is so maligned and missing out (when skids don't even spend her weekends with her anymore because either they are off with their friends or she is off with her boyfriend (future husband # 3).