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Note to Skids - Opt Out!

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Is it just me or am I the only one relieved when Skids OPT OUT of overnight visitations.

Dudes who have multiple kids is just ...:: whew! Double/triple/quadruple etc the headaches, battles, eggshells in your own home, and drains on your resources 

As I've mentioned it's not necessarily those skids per say (although they do have their annoying moments) but their idiotic parents who have horrid parenting skills and make life unnecessarily tumultuous for everyone around them  

This dude seems to think having just one of his kids is easier. 

Yeah slightly but the day they BOTH opt out over overnights is the day my prayers will be answered. 

Im tired of this dude pressing the issue regarding his son especially to be at this house beyond the required by law weekend obligation  

Until then I'll be detaching and doing my own opting out from the sideshow parenting 




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They can canoodle, inappropriately seek attention, destroy everything in sight, inhale as much food as they want, never clean up after themselves, run their b. beck n call service ANYWHERE else but in my space/abode. 

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That so many SParents tolerate their choice of an idiot as a mate, is always surprising to me.

Idiot parents, idiot partners, idiot adults. The key part being.... idiot!

We all need to define the standards we require, and enforce those standards. Those who choose to not meet our standards..... good riddance.

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Dude sat here and argued with me about him being an idiot, ignoring me when I said feed your kids at a reasonable hour so you and they are not disturbing anyone else with late night foraging, then acted dumbfounded that I even said anything to him about his inconsiderate behavior.

I said "Dude I'm gonna say something when yours (and/or your kids) rude behavior directly affects me because I have STANDARDS of how I want to live" 

I didn't get into a relationship to be disrupted, disrespected, ignored and treated like a doormat

Dude has proven himself time and time again to be incompetent as a parent so I do have to leave soon so I don't continue to be negatively impacted by his behavior 

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Having a weekend Disneyland dad who raises skids with no boundaries and no home training IS miserable 

Never having other people's kids as roommates ever again. 

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Why are you staying.  You are miserable..  It's not going to get better.  Love doesn't solve everything.  Time to go and get on with your life. 

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Agreed. I'm miserable on the weekends where they're here overnight and I have to do more work cleaning after them, I have to adjust myself in my own space, I have to tiptoe on eggshells not to upset the snowflakes or the sensitive Disneyland dad, and I have to invite them when I go out places. 

I live in a city with a high cost of living and high crime. 

None of my family nearby cares to offer me a place. Whatever. 

The only family who did offer was my narcissistic relative who came through with an offer WELL AFTER I had been complaining (they didn't want to help but did anyways LATE) which was too late by then I had tried to just help myself/maxed out my credit card to start a business for a second income and my credit score tanked  so now I can't rent or buy until the business starts turning more profit  which takes TIME! 

I am/have been supporting my own kid (almost an adult) on a one person income so if you know some men with no dependents who actually provide or anyone hiring for a multiple six figure job I'd be happy to apply so I can better end this situation here. 

It's quite easy to say "just leave" but unless there is a solution offered on how to leave without me working twenty jobs or living in the hood where I'd get robbed or worse it's kind of moot point. 


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I cannot wait till the day I can return here and post how my sanity and peace have been restored by procuring my own space.  

I KNOW it will be soon but until then I'll probably be ranting about the annoying stuff they do to remind me why I need to push forward with getting my own space and taking care of myself and my obligations without this person trying tack his obligations on to me. 

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Thankfully he's not lingering around with them and using that house as a holding cell and actually taking them out to hang out and see his family most of the day. 

Im glad I get a chance to have peace and quiet for a few hours after a long work week

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If skids have opted in to an overnight, I AM 100% holding them accountable for their behavior 

These unruly skids gone have some home training this week. 

Im now realizing the problem is this Disneyland dad tried to intimidate me from speaking out, holding his kids accountable for their behavior in this house, and I refuse to accept bare a$$ minimum or be bullied by any of these people. 

This weekend, skids will be responsible for cleaning after themselves if they don't like it THEY can leave and go back to their mother. Period! I might have to spend time or a little money for increased cooperation but there will be no choice for them to opt out of their share of household responsibilities if I can't opt out of them being here overnight. 

And if Disneyland Dad gets in my way .... his a$$ will wish he didn't.