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My husbands ex filed a custody modification yesterday wanting to adjust CS (per the form 14, it will be in our favor), have him pay all attorneys fees for this, and to reduce his parenting time (40/60). They did not file a proposed parenting plan with it. 

They cited a change of circumstances due to BMs move which happened 2 years ago. My husband objected to it then, and they have since been to mediation and a meeting with attorneys to get a new parenting plan figured out which has been followed since summer 2019.

We’re not worried about the Cs mod or the attorneys fees since she’s the one who brought this forward and is gainfully employed. 

What we’re really concerned about is if a judge would actually grant a reduction in parenting time. It’s my understanding that usually there has to be solid proof that a reduction is in the best interests, however we have no issues in our household so I don’t think that’d be the case. We’ve been having opposite issues with my step kids consistently asking why they can’t just stay here, they want to live here, there’s no fighting here etc.

On another note, her attorney never called ours to waive service despite ours contacting him multiple times over the past few months on getting their agreement signed. Instead she served him TWICE in front of the kids. The first time the judge ordered the service in valid, the second time was after our attorney had already gone on record and waived service. We absolutely 100% think it was done to get a reaction out of him. BM is also making it difficult for my husband to get kids during his parenting time and the last time I picked up BM had an audience and had someone filming in my face and up to my far filming as I was trying to get the kids so we could go home. The intent was fully to harass, humiliate, and get a reaction out of me. Once again, we had no response only acknowledge the kids. We also record, however it's either with a dash am that has the screen off so the kids can't see or it's audio only with our phones. 

We do feel confident that these escalating actions are showing cracks in her mental health and that she is absolutely not putting the kids first. 

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Ignore the title - I did not mean to post it as up. 

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but you sure can have some fun with it.


Time to beat BM at her own game.  Have your lawyer counter that her maniplations and demonstrated attempts to raise your costs should result her her paying for all legal fees required to address her petty bullshit. There is a documented history of her crap.  Replay it for the judge in front of the BM so her ass is firmly and frequently bared in front of the Judge.