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Do you ever just feel like giving up?

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My stepson will be 18 in October.  It's been a long, very hard road with him.  Along the way, I didn't have hardly any support from my husband during all of the drama with my stepson.  Through counseling, things have gotten slightly better, but this past weekend, my stepson smarted off to me again.  We recently bought a car for my stepson, and he has been completely ungrateful.  He doesn't even bother to keep it clean.  He always gets upset whenever he gets called out for not taking car of his car.  I stood up to him and put him in his place.  My husband just stood back, and I asked him to


SS Cut me out, wife leaning towards separation

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I posted a couple of years ago here. My stepson is 16 and have been in his life since he was 5. It has been such a struggle because his father is a narcissist, manipulative, and has brainwashed him. He has always wanted to live with his dad full time since before I came into the picture, and as of two years ago changed from 50/50 to living there full time.


Older SK taking baby’s toys

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So I have a 8 month old and my SS10 keeps taking the babies toys. Has that happened to anyone else? He says he wants to be the baby and lays on the babies play mats when I put the baby to play and pretends to cry, now he wants to take baths again and wants bath toys which he hasn't done since he was 5. I get there might be some jealousy but his father gives him undivided attention when he's here to the point where I don't even exist. Is it wrong to want him not to play with the babies toys?


Spoiled SS5 won’t potty train and poops himself at school

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Just a quick background. My fiancé and I have been together since shortly after his divorce. He has a son with his ex wife, who is 5 and I have a daughter who is 12. We recently moved in together. We have SS5 every other weekend plus Wednesday night. There is a lot more to vent in all this but the one that is driving me up a wall right now is SS5's inability to potty train. For 3 years, I've watched him pee and poop himself constantly. He knows he's doing it cause he will back up and squat in a corner of his room to do it.


Feel offended

EveryoneLies's picture I was walking through what SS will need to do tomorrow, we happened to touch on a few more other things, including his long shower without soap (see other post for this. What bothers me was the water waste, but per SS15 he thinks not knowing how to shower correctly is something embarrassing and would rather us not to talk to his therapist about it).

Out of all of the topic, SS made a snarky and creepy comment:

SS: So...I have a question for you

Me: Okay?

SS: So...what was the thumping noise in your room the other day?


SS’s new game

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SS15 recently started the new "I can't hear you" game with me.

It doesn't matter I was talking in a quiet environment, he "just can't hear me". He was always able to hear me right away if I was to take away shit with the same volume though, how intriguing. Basically he "can't" hear me when I talk nicely to him, and in his mind I am the bad guy when I raise my volume losing my patience when I have to tell him the same thing 3 times. 


Just how selfish can you be

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This weekend we went out of town to celebrate ss15's bday. Its been a while that we did anything for either kid's birthday and ss has been wanting to go to an amusement park. DH wanted to surprise ss so we booked a trip to a bigger park that's farther from home, and we were staying in a hotel for two nights for this trip.


Don’t even know how to title this

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As mentioned before, we are moving.

SS has the history of just throws some random things in a box (trash included) then seal it and consider it done. We told him not to seal a box that's not full (also don't use the largest box for all the books, common sense you'd think). But of course he doesn't give a f.


“Really nice of her to make me this ice cream”

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As we are moving, the kids were tasked to help with moving things to the new place.

After a long time of fighting with SS (DH fighting with SS, i was not part of it. It was a fight  because SS likes to pretend he has no strength to move anything despite already being taller than me), we took the kids to have some ice cream.

As we all were eating the treat, SS14 stb 15 said:

"It was really nice that she (cold stone worker) made me the ice cream"

....I am just. 


Problem solving skill

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SS stb 15 has shorter school days these week because of finals. He was immediately asking DH to pick him up after school. We asked why he cannot take the bus back home (he takes the bus to school), he told us because the bus won't come until an hour later. Truth is, that specific bus won't come until another hour, but other buses will come and can also get him home.