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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, STalkers! Sorry so late. Nothing like doctor appointments and a flat tire to create speed bumps in your day!!

What kind of work-out creature are you? Pack animal? Lone wolf? Do you jam to the music or prefer peace and quiet?

While my Lone Wolf status NEVER changes, my style does.

  • I prefer to jam to music in the privacy of my own home.
  • In the gym, I wear headsets or ear plugs and concentrate on doing my own thing. NO talking.
  • While I swim (the BEST), I feel the stress flow out of my toes and fingertips and create new recipes. Weird, but soothing!

I haven't changed a thing eating-wise, but my belt required another adjustment. Baffling...


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Depends on the gym buddy... Typically I am COMPLETELY a lone wolf... However, if I get someone I can solidly compete against and isn't expecting any chit chat, then I like being with them.

I jam to music... Normally harder things... Loud and upbeat. Unless i'm doing planks... Then nice and smooth seems to make that at least feel easier. LOL

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I've only had one "gym buddy" that ever worked (man). Basically, we went to the gym together, did our own thing, and left together. LOL

Nothing like some head-banging rock-n-roll to get me going. Dirol

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I prefer working out alone and at home, I have never really felt comfortable at the gym. At home I can get sweaty and gross and argue with myself without feeling like silly.

Keep up whatever it is you are doing/not doing it seems to be working Smile

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The way things are going, it feels like I'm on the second Thursday of the week.

I wish I was going on vacation in 10 days!!!!!!!

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I need one of those magic  No.. seriously great that you are getting fit without it being a chore!