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I already knew SS17 wasn't mature and is clueless.  It is coming to light more and more now that he's not in regular school.

He has studies twice a week, qualification course one day, work experience one day and volunteer/work experience one day.  This morning he was planning on going to the qualification course.

I said well the work experience and volunteer experience started this week so which one are you supposed to go to today?  He said work experience is on Fridays.  Okkkkkkkayyyyyy so are you supposed to go to the qualification course or volunteer today?

*Dumb bank stare*

Call your education couselor (whatever her title is) and ask her.  I don't have her number.  Yes, you do, I text it to you the other day when you were waiting for her.  I don't know where it is.  FIND IT.  Calls her...he is at the volunteer place today.  YET was planning on going to the qualification course.


He has been late to every. single. driving. lesson. he's had.  Told him if he's not on time to the next one, he can wait a month to have another lesson.  If you're not responsible enough to be on time for things then you are definitely NOT responsible enough to flipping drive!

Crossed the street yesterday without looking.  Argued that he did look but couldn't see.  THEN GO SOMEWHERE SO THAT YOU CAN SEE BEFORE YOU CROSS!!!!  Literally argues about an action that could get himself killed.  So I took his phone.

Cheese and flipping rice.  At 17 I was graduated and waiting to start basic training for the Regular Army.  Had a savings account and was already working for 2.5 years.  This skid can't get his head out of his arse long enough to look both ways before crossing the damn street.

I just can't.  *rapideyetwitch*


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military school/shock therapy.  otherwise he's going to end up winning a darwin award.  At 17, I had graduated highschool, was working full time and was engaged to be married.

Kids have it so easy nowadays they have to event hardships.   Their childhood gets extended indefinitely.  Love to see Gen Tide Pod protest Technology and Corporations from their IPhones!


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I don't know, it seems I've not parented my own BS18 well enough either.  He's going to be 19 next month and would rather rot on Youtube videos than be a productive, full functioning member of society.  Bio or step...I'm not doing too good lol

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Don't blame yourself too much Coookies. Your Bio is ODD, which from my observations, seems 100% genetic. I'm sure it will take the professionals several more decades before coming to this conclusion though, because genetic conditions are generally not as profitable as mental conditions.

As for your step... well, combine genetics with at least one piss poor parent on-scene, and you've got a practically incurable situation for most of us.

You've done nothing wrong.

Sometimes we are just dealt a low hand.

Start protecting yourself and your own sanity.

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Thanks Iamwoman <3  My BS18 is diagnosed ODD so they haven't ignored it.  It's just getting HIM to work on himself.  His dad and I have told him that therapy and meds help but you have to get yourself to the finish line.  You have to put in the effort.  It's frustrating to watch him waste away and insist he just can't do it.

As for the step, it doesn't really stress me out so much as boggle my mind.  Both of them.  I just don't get it.  I just hope they both grow up to be decent adults.

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Few of the kids of this generation are where we were developmentally at their age.

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Yes, that is becoming very obvious.  I didn't want my child to pay rent at 15 and wonder if there would be food in the house every day or shoved outside and told to go play while I sat in kitchen drinking coffee.  I suppose all of that just made us grow up faster.

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with growing up fast because of hardships.  makes you better able to cope.  These snowflakes roll up in a fetal position if their cocoa ia at the wrong temperature.

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I see more kids at either end.  When I was in HS, 20 kids of my class of 400 took calculus.   ECs were not so common, grirls did not have sports.  Now in DDs similar school, 25% takes Cac, everyone does sports.  Some kids have very demanding schedules