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DH deals with more SD...Halloween Edition

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We live close to a pretty decent amusement park. They have a TON of roller coasters and put on a pretty cool Halloween season.  We have gone before, but haven't been for about 5 years.  I LOVE roller coasters and Halloween. Back in June, DH got an email with this years packages..(cabin at the amusement park resort, tickets for the park, etc) and decided to book it for this year. We had SD and we could go the weekend before Halloween.  He booked enough for the whole family (minus DS who hates amusement parks and roller coasters).  DH told SD to ask off from work starting from the time she started the job in June through Sept.  

Guess what SD never asked for the weekend off till 2 weeks before we were to go. Surprise..they won't give her the weekend off because everyone else already asked.  DH is now ticked because he told her to ask off months ago.  SD has to work Saturday till around noon or so. DD and I go up on Thursday night and spend Thursday night and Friday in the park, while DH and SD stay home.  DD and I have a blast....go on every coaster more then once, enjoy the Halloween displays and the Halloween theatrics.  Saturday..DH and SD come up after SD is done with work.  

SD is pouty...why....because the wait times for the coasters were long and she wouldn't be able to go on all of them.  MM..yep..that is what happens when you can't get there till the last night because you didn't ask for work off when you were told to.  I told DH...neither I nor DD were going to run ourselves ragged to get on the coasters just because SD was pouty.   She created this mess...we are not going to clean it up. DH agreed.  (For the record..DH does not do coasters at ALL.  He hates them but wanted to go for the Halloween stuff)

Dh is pissed at SD for being pouty and a pita.  DD, who had enough of SD's shennanigans, turns to SD and says..

Stop being pouty and a sour puss.  Sd..responded I can be upset that I can't do all the coasters. DD not missing a beat.. can.  But its your own damn had months to plan this. So stop taking it out on the rest of us....its not our problem.

SD tried to enlist DH in her cause..he told her she should be happy she is there at all.    

SD shut up after that and went on what she could.  


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She didn't do what she was supposed to do.  Not your fault, I would not let her control your life.. I would go to the park. Have a good time.  She is upset ,, so what. She will learn that the world doesn't go around her.  There is always next year 

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Sounds like, um, like, PARENTING!!! Finally, ugh.

Great that you and DD had a great time.  For SD and DH - Too bad, so sad.  

Does it make me a bad person that I enjoy when Karma bites these DH's in the behind?  Like they finally confront the monster they created.

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DD, who is a junior in college, planned to take off work at both jobs and talked to all her professors about missing class and making up work.  She also studied for big exam while we were there as well.

She planned for this event....and I took off work myself.  So if 3 out of the 4 people (DH took off work originally)..can plan then oh well there SD.  

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is my hero!!! To have been able to witness that "put you in your place" moment!! hahahahaha

As everyone has said, your SD's inability to plan accordingly is NOT your problem. Glad you and your daughter got to ride all the rollercoasters! I'd be talking that up for a few weeks with SD in earshot. LOL

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Your DD is awesome! Good on her for shutting SD down! 

Honestly this is was a really good lesson with natural consequences. Maybe she learned, probably not, but this can be a steady reminder of what happens when you don't follow through! 

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against SD's pouty bullshit and rubbing her nose in the stench of her own behaviors and choices. DD calling SD out on her pouty fabricated fee fee bullshit is classic.  DD was right on agreeing SD could feel however she wanted then not tolerating SD taking it out on everyone else.


Well played team Halo!!!!