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Well looky here..Beaver trying to remain relevant

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We have 241 days till DH's great emancipation. in the last few weeks Beaver has..

Abandoned SD at a was too late and Beaver didn't want to drive.  SD had to go her friends for the night. She was embarassed to call DH for a ride and to come home.

Dipped out of all transportation of SD to work....

Dipped out of taking SD to her in car driving lessons...(I get to do that since my work is flexible)

Kept SD's social security card from us and from Sd...Because "SHEEE HADDDDD IT FIRSSSTTTTTT".


But boy howdy folks she is all over getting a copy of SD's insurance card.  Why..who the eff knows..she doesn't take SD to any appointment, ever.  DH does all that.  But she is on a war path for DH's card....He told her..Sure I will give it to SD when I see her today.  Yep...that wasn't good enough...then Beaver pulled the old..

"your court ordered to provide insurance (he has insurance for SD) and give me the card (he will give it to SD), so what is the problem"

Sure there Beaver...what are you going to do, file in court?  For 241 days left...she won't get a court date by then and at almost 17 and court is going to give a rats @ss about this petty shiznit.

But oooohhhh look at her trying to stay relevant.  Be gone are not welcoome here and in 241 days I will be able to tell you just what a sh*tty mother you are.


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To end the two decade long extortion racket.  I will bet you if SD ever went on beaver's insurance, if she has it, you would never get the insurance card.  That's the way the hcgubm game is played.

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SpermGrandHag never made her idiot son provide medical insurance for SS, though it was COd for it to be provided.

So we did, and CS was increased to cover the increase in medical insurance premiums for my or DW's employer sponsored coverage.

We always made sure that SS had a copy of the card with him when on SpermLand visitation.  Any time he saw a Doc in SpermLand, the Hag would name me as the responsible party. Which would start game on with us refusing to pay the portion not covered by insurance since we did not engage the care.

We had to force them to get him to a doctor when he had an issue while on SpermClan visitation.  The last time, they were camping, SS got a rusty fish hook through his thigh.  SpermGrandHag wanted to wait for 4 days to get him to the doctor and a tetanus shot.  She had SS call several times to ask if he had an active tetanus shot.  We were on vacation away from home (Cape May NJ) it was a weekend and we could not get hold of his Pediatritian to verify his vaccine.   She got lippy, told us she was not driving 5hrs to get him to the ER. So, I called for an air ambulance, gave them the Hag's cell phone to call for the credit card to fly to pick up SS and get him to the ER for a tetanus shot.  


Guess who got her ass in her car and drove SS to the ER?  She named me as responsible party.  We refused, advised that the hostpital bill the Hag as the adult who engaged the care, and kept them over the coals for quite some time. Ultimately, we had to pay it since ... DW is the CP and I carried the insurance. Though the owed for half of the non covered expenses.  The AirEvac company calling the Hag for her credit card for the $5K deposit got her off of her idiot ass.

To highlight her/their toxic crap... she took SS to her house and did not return to the camping trip with the SpermIdiot and the three younger half sibs.  Because she is a toxic miserable Hag, SS missed 4days of the SpermClan camping trip.


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I actually didn't wait until the CO was over to tell my DH's Ex she was a crappy mom.  She wanted to give me crap because I was communicating with the school (on my DH's behalf).. regarding some unexcused absence issues that were potentially going to hold my YSD back.  Since I had EOB's from the insurance CO.. I figured I could get some of them cleaned up and under the acceptable minimum.. this was the year we found out YSD had seizure disorder.. her mom call s me all mad that I was overstepping.. I told her maybe if she was a good mother.. no one else would have to do her work for her.  lol. felt great.. and side benefit.. BM would never talk to me.. or even mention my name.. haha.

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Money. Then the real life starts..  She upset that her good life is drying up.  Now she is going to have to work more..full time and do with less money...  and it's all your fault..  Your fault for not supporting Beaver the reast of her life.   You know the good boyfriend doesn't like to work. 

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and the gravy train pulls in the station and they are kicking Beaver off that sucker.  I'm buying a cake and a bottle of wine for that occassion.

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5.5 plus of sd's disappearing and ending contact with their dad and out of the blue eldest sd calls daddy demanding a reconnection. Repeatedly demoted us as "the new family" whilst hubbys own family like his dad, siblings nieces and nephews consider us "as family", reality kicked innfor the ex-heifer that all those manipulative narc moves had normally resulted in my husband falling desperately for them just to manage a relationship with his daughters but then reality kicked in for him over a decade ago that this wasn't healthy 

he knew putting his life on hold for his disrespectful daughters even though they had been brainwashed by biomum, even though they were doing biomums dirty work, was not healthy and hubby was a parent, he deserved to not be treated like crap after all he has done. So he let it be. Did exwife or sd's ever take responsibility for it and make amends?? Hell no!! In fact eldest sd had the audacity to tell daddy get over it, yes just get over the fact petty vindictive exwife called me a half naked whore, told the sd's and everyone who would hear that hubby was no longer muslim but a disbeliever and Christian. Any evidence of this? Nope.

everything she claimed would happen the complete opposite happened. Almost like god was on our side. Now biomum realised we got married and had 2 kids she still thought she could remotely control me and our lives.

3 visits in with sd's and i thought hang on, why am i being suckered into making myself available at all meets with sd's upon biomums orders to eldest sd who was like 22/23 or hubby would not be able to see them.

thanks to steptalkers who educated me how to navigate the typical hcgubm. Without any of you, our marriage wouldn't have survived. Hubby knew he had to put us first that putting skids first would result in a 2nd broken home with skids abandoning hubby. So we are 1 team.

it took a while but my husband sat the eldest sd down and told her very clearly our family hierarchy and that he never wanted her to utter biomum or affair stepdads name ever again. She sulked and been rude to her dad even 3.5 yrs on. Biomum realised her original tactics were not working and had to make sure hubby realised he had to focus on them. Convinced the eldest sd to repeatedly tell daddy to transfer property he bought post divorce with his money be transferred solely to skids 2 whom were adults and youngest 13 when we had 2 toddlers at the time. 
i told hubby if he started handing off property into skids name without anything for our 2 kids, I would be out the door.

such is his distrust for skids to be ethical and responsible should he die tomorrow, he withdrew a large chunk of retirement savings and bought a house in my country in my name so if he did die tomorrow, we'd have a roof over our heads and not have to deal with sd's and bat shit crazy exwife. 

that really sums it up when your own husband doesn't trust his own kids. Sd's have been bitter ever since finding out me and our 2 kids existed because hubby preferred spending time with us. If only they would be nicer people, they'd actually be pleasant to be around

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office and get a replacement for a lost card. Then.... BM can F-off regarding the SS card.

As for giving BM a copy of the Health Insurance card... nope.  Force her hand.  You already said DH will give SD a card.  BM can F-off on the Health Insurance card as well.

I would make the next 241 days sheer hell on BM. 

Just for fun.


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I intend to make the next 239 days a living nightmare for the spawn of hell.  the responses back to Beaver had my name in them every chance we could since we know it bugs the living hell out of Beaver.  LOL. 

We did give SD the insurance cards....and asked again for the last $88 she owes DH.

We thought about a replacment card for SS...but decided to let SD fight that battle with Beaver.  May the odds be ever in her favor.  BAwwwhahahahahahha...

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BM is off of the CS in a short time.  So, the capstone on her next couple of hundred days of hell, will be ... NO..... MORE.... MONEY!