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O/T -- DD brag

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DD was just accepted into the doctoral program of her choice.

This is a kid who hated school. Mediocre grades throughout high school. Flunked out of college, twice. Drifted. Lived with an asshole user who had her convinced that I was too controlling and holding her back. So she moved out of state with him and supported them both on minimum wage jobs. He was going to make it big by winning video game tournaments (surely he's somebody's SS here). I was afraid I was literally going to lose this child. To this day when the phone rings, I jump.

Her Dad and I finally got her a safe place away from the asshole when she finally decided she had enough. Got her into therapy. She moved in with me (newly married to DH, who was dealing with an off-the-rails child of his own), where she had to go to school or work or both. She did. She liked working and the structure that came with it. Slowly, slowly she got back on her feet. Her dad and I were by no means perfect parents and we were horrible partners, but we had expectations and rules. At no point was she the poor, poor widdle COD.

Took her 10 years to get a bachelors degree. The last year or so she was in school full time and worked two jobs. She married a great guy, and they just bought their first house.

There is not a prouder mom on the planet.


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That's fantastic! Congratulations to her and to you, too! You should be very proud. Great example of why we should never give up on our kids. 

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Congratulations Merry! It's sounds like it's been a nightmare that has a happy ending and that is awesome. I'm so glad she has her head screwed on straight now.

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That's beautiful! Congratulations to your DD and ,mom, take a well deserved bow.


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Im glad I wasn't sipping coffee when I read the part about "surely he's someone's SS" I would have spit it out laughing. I wonder how that kid is doing, if he made it in the video game world. 

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Sometimes experience is the best teacher.  Glad it all turned out fantastically!

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That's great, Merry! Congratulations!

It gives me hope that my DD19 is, in fact, learning from her mistakes. LOL

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DD was 19 when she started going off the deep end. I am grateful that she was never attracted to drugs or alcohol, just loser boyfriends. She started coming back when she hit 25. Those were some long, long years.

I wish you well!

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That's so exciting Merry!!!  I'm glad she's found her way!!!  You have all the reason in the world to be proud!

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What an accomplishment, you both should be so proud for all the hard work to get to this happy place. Much success to her in her future endeavors.