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Retired! I did it!

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Greetings from the other side of retirement! I finally did it. Can't say I'm loving it yet, but I do love the peace and quiet. As DH puts it, I was ready to stop working but not stop contributing. I just have to find the next thing but not even thinking about that until the new year. 

It's been quiet in stepland. Skids, of course, did not acknowledge this major milestone in my life and I didn't expect them to. DH has been a real champ supporting my all-over-the-place emotions. 

DH was lamenting again this morning that the grands wouldn't know who we are if we walked into their house. He goes down this road every few months then does nothing about it. All I did this time was remind him that his kids are welcome at our house any time and that he is free to make plans to visit them. I try not to express exasperation but I'm not really successful. 

Our lives are peaceful. If he wants to introduce chaos, that's on him to plan and execute.


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We just retired someone in my office and the lead up was hard - the emotions are there - but ultimately he is a happy camper. Everyone I know who is retired is really enjoying their life.

YAY you!

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Here are the things I love.  Getting up when I want.  Going to bed when I want.  Not having to go along with the corporate propaganda.  Not having to go out in bad weather.  More time with DH.  More time to do the things I want to do (casino, internet).  More time to do the things I must do (100yo mom in long term care).  

Grandkids -  we have 9 and aren't estranged but don't see any often, many are out of town. They are busy living their own lives.   What I'm saying is even if you weren't estranged, you wouldn't see them much, either 

Have fun!

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I made a BIG deal out of turning off my alarm clock. It's the small victories I'm enjoying most. 

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You will find your way! Relax, enjoy the rest of the year and then begin your search. It took me about 6 months of "searching" till I my niche. Think about things you've always wanted to do but working outside the home hindered. What makes you happy?

 I love being retired. I got to leave the work force a bit earlier than planned due to DHs work schedule so it's been over 10 years since I've worked outside the home full-time. I have done multiple part-time things, always temporary. Today, I am busy with my art, rescue work with dogs and lots of volunteering around the city with my church and another agency I've networked with. I'm busier these days than when I had a 40-48 hour work week! 

Still fun and still loving it! I hope I never have to punch a clock again!

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I am a bit jealous, but very happy for you. I count down the years until I retire, I just can't wait. All I'll do is travel around the world. 

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Enjoy your time. It is yours now.

I have been on a late mid career sabbadical since June 26.  A lot of positives.  We did a retirement asset review and are at our minimum investment level.  But, retiring 8yrs early will but a notable burden on those assets we were not planning on. So, DW continues with her career. I am looking for my next opportunity.  I am commited to DW's career be our primary focus. It is her turn.  Though would like to find something at or at least near to my historic income levels.

Also positive, my memory has improved incredibly. Stress is a memory killer.  No more forgetting things minutes after they occur, or that I want to remember.   It is just about miraculous.  Most positive, DW and I are getting closer every day. Not that we were disconnected.  And.... I am getting my weight back down to my recent low. I dropped 50, put back on 20, and have lost 10 of that.

Congratulations on this  huge accomplisment!!!!


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Hope you enjoy the downtime and find something else to keep you busy.  My DH has become the eternal student since retiring and is trying to become a professional musician.  Keeps him on the go constantly.

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With hail hitting the house.  Telling myself..' I don't have to deal with this ". Turing  around pulling up  the blankets.  And going back to sleep. Retirement 

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I WISH I could say I was taking it easy in retirement but Chef has me working like a pack mule on the rentals 24/7.

You'll actually discover all the things you've neglected over your career and quite possibly be busier than before with small projects.