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Maybe she'll keep it up.

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Tuesday when SO took the kids back to their moms he was gone for longer than normal. He came back and said they had talked about a few things. BM admitted that there is another adult female living with them and shared how the relationship works. She asked about the details concerning our home and expressed worry about the current room arrangements which were valid. She asked about me because my work hours had been keeping me from the kids.

Basically he was confused because they had a normal talk. He said there was no hostility. She even gave him some school pictures of the kids this year since we missed our ordering them because all the issues with the start of the school year.

I'm really hoping this maintains. I know shes been easier to communicate in text for a while now. 


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conflict in their lives. If the bm loves her children and values her own peace of mind, it may not be such a stretch that she too wants less conflict in her life.

Enjoy the current status. It does not mean that your life will be conflict free  Few lives  are totally conflict free. But this may signal never  days ahead 


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I don't expect everything to be prefect but atleast it seems like it's not an active conflict. Of course there will be disagreements.

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Not sure the exact make up of the romantic ( or sexual)  relationship and it's not something we're concerned about. She did confirm that it was a polyamorous relationship of some form and that's ok. SO didn't pry for exact details. He just knew he had seen the woman alot over the recent months and knew it was a 3 bedroom home. There is no reason for us to think the kids are being harmed by this particular thing. If we saw a problem we'd address it.

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" She asked about me because my work hours had been keeping me from the kids."

Frankly, that is none of her business. They are not your kids, not your responsibility.

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Except I enjoy spending time with them and am not disengaged at all. She wasn't asking in a bad way. She knows I enjoy my time with them and I'm sure they said something about not seeing me during the midweek visits.