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Posting videos of skids to social media

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Should I post a video of my stepkids and me dancing to TikTok or Facebook? 


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Will BM blow a gasket?

If yes-->do you/biodad care?-->no-->post

If no-->are you doing it to win biodad/BM points?

If yes-->why are you trying to earn points?

If no-->will it backfire on you?-->if no-->post

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This is pretty good. I would add checking with your other half that they are ok with it first. I feel at least one bio parent should consent even if you are going to ignore the wishes of the other bio-parent.

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She has severe issues related to social media and anxiety-it's the same type question over and over.

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Oh, gotcha.

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I wouldn't !

Private image rights logical. If they are minors. 

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OP, you seem to ask "should I..." questions quite often.  Do you make ANY decisions on your own????