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What could this mean?

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So I was leaving for work and I was telling my step kids bye and I love them and none of them said anything back, but 5 minutes before then my SD7 was telling me how they should have a bring your own kid to work day and that she wanted to be with me working. The weekend before she left a sticky note that said I love you to me. They come on the weekends so I don’t see them a lot. Does this mean she still loves me even though she didn’t say it back? Sometimes she does though.


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I think you have major insecurities that you need to address with a therapist. Your SD is 7 years old and she has told you she loves you in a variety of ways, yet she doesn't say it once, and you believe she no longer loves you? Kids don't always reciprocate affection, but it doesn't mean they don't love you.