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I Hope The Girhippo WINS!

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As a refresher, the Girhippo is trying to emancipate YSS (18.5) " prematurely" for unknown ulterior reasons as our wonderful State goes to age 21.

According to her written statement it does not look as though YSS is emancipated under New York State guidelines.

She has almost always gotten her way in court so I'm just hoping the Magistrate by some divine intervention will let her have her way.

Unlikely though because New York State likes its Federal kickbacks to the CSEU.  The Girhippo has been on the CS payroll for 17 loooooooooooonnnnnnnng years as of 7/27.

Wish me luck...August 9th fast approaches.


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Good luck! I am eagerly awaiting any updates on what scheme the Gir currently has that made this seem like a good idea to her...