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You have got to be kidding me

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Question ladies????

Has the ex wife ever asked you for YOUR family photos of the holidays with her ex spouse, his family and kids ? And (kids) are 26, 23, 21 all with their own children.. Her explanation was I was making an album for them. I told her as was I and she should focus on her and her side of family. I have yet to receive a response but I am sure a pissed off kid will message DH soon because her "feelings got hurt"

To be honest if weirded me out.



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My response would be to politely tell her to bog off, or ignore it.  This oversteps boundaries and if you give in on this one she will think of other stuff. 

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I've never said more than 5 words to the ex-wife in 10 years, all of them "Hello".  Why do you even talk to her?  Let DH handle his baggage.

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Not sure why her request takes you by surprise or by such outrage. You stated a year ago right after last Christmas, that SS told you his Mom still made them all albums.

What's the big deal anyway? No, of course you are not sharing Christmas pics of your household holiday memories to put in her silly stupid of her to ask. But a simple "lol, are you drinking today already?Of course no pics. Bye."

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No EX in photos. 

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Thank you everyone for the advice! Great points, the kids requested years back that her and I keep on good terms so I have only attempted to do so for them but that does not mean I need to speak with her directly going further.

To me it is hard to fathom  how delusional one can be, my thinking on this is it was just another way for her to access his life so somehow she can still feel apart of his day to day. She is a constant liar so its hard to believe a word that comes out of her mouth. 

I have been talking about changing my number for a year now and no better time than now. New year, New changes.

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"Good terms" to me means I don't talk crap about her to her kid, and if we run into each other and I can't avoid it, I say hello.

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I was once in your shoes. I made copies of roughly 30 photos and gave them to her. She used five of them and actually did a nice job putting an album together. Interestingly, my step-son noticed that some of the pictures in Her album were taken in My house. The end result was a nice album for him, and I felt like the "bigger" person. Whatever you decide, try to keep the meaning of family close to heart. Unfortunately, she will always be in (at least) the periphery of Your life.