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Did DH just ask me to help in planning Beaver's vacation....

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Answer is yes...and he does not appear to appreciate my humor in this one.

On the heels of DH once again not remembering or facting in the fact that I have to be at my desk working by 7 a.m. and he doesn't have to be working 9 a.m. which I got profoundly pissed off about, he send me the following:


Hey Beaver told SD that she needs to schedule vacation and where did she want to go.  SD said beach like always and Beaver said to something cheap.  So SD has no clue what is cheap to her.  Gatlinburg is out.  You got any ideas?

Let break this down shall we folks,,

1.  I'm currently ticked off at DH for deciding whatever the eff he needed was more important than me getting ready and start working. I mean he has 2+ hours before he needs to work..for eff's sake do what you need to do in those 2 hours not when I'm trying get ready.  Why are you asking me to help you more....does he have a death wish?

2.  Why the eff would you have a 16 year old plan a trip?  Especially a 16 year old that can plan her way out of paper bag on a good day.  I smell a plot to not have a vacation and blame SD....that way Beaver doesn't have to pay for a vacation and she blame and/or guilt SD all summer. Also if SD does pull this off...then Beaver can complain the entire time and tell SD what a horrible time vacation it is.

3.  WTH is cheap is not Beaver's cheap that is for sure.

4. I get you are trying to help SD..but you did just ask me TO PLAN A VACATION FOR BEAVER.  WTeverlogingF are you thinking DH.  I wouldn't help that biotch if she was on fire other than to add more gas to flame to speed the process. essence DH might not live to see the end of the day at this rate...AND NO I'M NOT PLANNING A VACATION FOR BEAVER.


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tell him to tell her to buy two lawn chairs, a kiddie pool and enjoy the view from their driveway. 

(and then tell him to shove it sideways)

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I would have just responded with "You have got to be kidding me by even asking me this".

Dash 1

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Are you really asking me to plan a vacation for Beaver?

I got a NO...and then pretty much radio silence.....LOL  I think he figured out his mistake.

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Send her on a road trip to see the second largest ball of twine on the face of the earth, which is only four short hours away, each direction.  In a car with no AC, with your smelly Aunt, and her carsick dog, Dinky.