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Everyone...look for the 4 horsemen to arrive at anytime..B"ver came to our house

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Holy shiznit...Beaver drove the 1 mile from SD's school to our house so that SD could pickup her laptop and air pods.  Looks like the 4 horsemen should be arriving soon. 

Beaver also picked up SD from school.  I guess she realized DH was not playing about GWR driving SD and that he was also not playing around with the FROR.  

Although SD came in and was like "I have a two minute time limit".  I looked at her and said..or what...she will leave???  I told SD take your time and get what you need.

DH came out of his office and went downstairs with SD and gave her a big old hug in front of the door just so Beaver could see he was here and available. 




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Eh, she's just trying to look good for her CPS visit Monday. Once they close the case, she'll go back to her Beaverly ways.

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and she wants to butter up SD.  I predict the buying spree for SD will begin this weekend.

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I agree with Tog she's doing it so she can appear the picture of maternal health and wellness...but a Beaver can't change it's soon as the investigation is over, if she skates she will be right back to her tail thumping, beaver gnawing ways.

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It's going to be a fun weekend,  going out doing fun thing. Buying every thing she can find.  Maybe TGIFridays not MickeyD this weekend.  Clothing stores, boots.  
Going for the MOTY. In two days.