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Last Day of school for SD and shocker..

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Beaver was late getting SD to our house for the bus.  Anyone shocked...nah...neither are we.  

DH took SD to school....only because he wanted McDonalds for Breakfast and NO he waited till after he dropped off SD so she didn't get any either.

The excuse...wait for it...MOM OVER SLEPT..she just couldn't wake up.

Seriously, I think we need a well check for freaking Beaver....I'm guessing now that Beaver doesn't have anything to occupy her time she is hitting the wine bottle(s) HARD.


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If she's hitting the bottles that hard, is she fit to drive the morning after the night before?  She's possibly still over the legal limit.  

The police here catch loads of drunk drivers the morning after christmas parties during the holiday sesson.  People won't drive to or from the party but get into their cars the next morning to go to work and are still over the limit.

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A call to 911 reporting a car driving erratically when you know she's driving might help out the karma bus.  Sometimes it needs directions ( smirk).  

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Be careful with what you do. You actions could lead to your SD having to live with you full-time. 

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for all these sleeping issues she is having. I feel like as DH and I get older, we sleep less and we are certainly younger than beaver. Like said above though, if you report her or do a well check, etc. could lead to your SD living with you full time.At the same time if she is drinking or doing drugs, definitely don't want her driving anyone around town to get seriously hurt by her lack of responsibility

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it could be other stuff since GWR brings it into the house.  Maybe they are teaming up....who knows.


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like by about 120 to 150 least

You might be on to something there.