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The place where pets go to Die...A B* tale of pets

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Ah pets...something very near and dear to my heart.  My sister is veterinarian after all....we've had a lot of pets over the years.

Beaver...well she likes to get pets...but the taking care of them part not so much.

Lets go through the list shall we

Dog number 1 - a jack russel terrier.  This dog was a "wedding" present.  Now I put "wedding" in quotes, because who the H3ll gives a dog for a wedding present.  I told DH, that wasn't a wedding present. That was story concocted by Beaver and her friend because Beaver wanted the dog and you said no.  So..POOF..its a wedding present.  This dog had to be given away after SS was born because it went psycho...aka Beaver ignored it after SS was born and it became crated most of the time and jealous of SS.  It was "rehomed".

Dog number 2 - a mutt from the pound.  This dog magically showed up at the Beaver/DH damn while DH was away on work.  Beaver went with her friend (same friend as above) to find the friend a dog.  MMM..riggggghhhtt...friend didn't bring home a dog, but Beaver did.  DH loved this dog.  He trained her, took her to the vet and doted on her.  Divorce..Beaver refused to give up the dog.  Dog ends up going back and forth between Beaver's condo and her parents house.  Dog passes away finally of kidney disease.  To the day it died, the dog would obey DH everytime DH went to the Beaver damn to pick up the kids.    It ignored Beaver for the most part.

The Fish tank - DH bought a fish tank while married to Beaver.  DH traveled ALOT, like 2-3 weeks out of a month, while married to Beaver.  Came home from a trip to all the fish dead floating at the top of the tank.  The filter died and Beaver didn't want to mess with it so she just let the fish die.  DH dismantled and stored the tank. We had the tank for 8 years before the last fish died of old age and we got rid of the tank.

Kitty number 1 - this was the revenage cat that Beaver got for "SS".  DH is allergic to cats and Beaver got it while they were seperated.  It spent a good majority of its time in a crate and thus became very agressive.  It eventually died of urinary crystals because Beaver didn't want to spend any money at the vets on it.    This was the cat that Beaver called the kids at our house to tell them the cat died.  Yep..thanks...we enjoyed dealing with that fallout.

Dog number 3 - the current dog.  A pit bull/boxer mix.  She got a boxer mix because we have three boxers.  She told the kids this.  smh.  The dog is not trained and eats/chews eveyrthing.  They live in a condo that has no yard and the dog has to stay inside ALL THE TIME.  Boxers need exercise.....Beaver thinks its cute when the dog latches onto SD pants legs and pulls.  It also gets crated alot and seems a bit "psycho". Still living and still at Beavers.

THe Chamelion - SS decided he wanted a chamelion.  Beaver and the Beaver family bought SS one for christmas one year.   These things can be tricky to take care of.  Sigh....and Beaver didn't want to take care of it when SS was at our house. So she wouldn't mist it or feed it when SS was gone.  The poor thing finally died  while SS was on vacation with us.  She didn't give it any  food for water for two weeks.  Not sure what she expected would happen.

The turtle.  SD wanted a turtle.  We told her she got Beaver and the Beaver family to get her one for her birthday.  Oh boy...SD would not change the water in its tank etc.   This was the reason we told SD no, she wouldn't take care of it. The water filter broke so the poor thing would sit in stagnant water. It developed shell rott.  Beaver wouldn't take it to the vets,..just kept trying "at home" remedies for the poor thing.  SD came to our house one week and Beaver gave the turtle away to someone from the book of faces.  I only hope they got the poor turtle vet care.

Kitty number 2 - Beaver took up with a guy we call bar man.  She met him in a bar and then invited him to live with her and the kids.  Oh joy...he came with a cat.  This cat was not a nice cat and was only about 2 steps from feral.  When bar man left Beaver, he left the cat.  This cat developed an urinary tract infection and start to pee all over the house.  Beaver did finally take it to the vets but wouldn't spend the money on the special food to keep it from getting infections.  So, it just kept getting an infection and peeing all over the house.  Beaver finally gave it away to someone from the book of faces.  (See a theme)...Lets hope they got the cat help and paid for the special food.

Kitty number 3 - A cat took up residence in her parents shed.  Cat had three kittens....Beaver Sr and Mr. Beaver Sr. took one of the kittens, a friend to another and Beaver took the third. The mama was feral and they did trap and spay her.  At least Beaver Sr. and Mr. Beaver seem to take care of their animals.  The kitten, being almost feral didn't quite know what a litter box was.  Instead of taking the time to help the little thing learn...Beaver just released it back outside at her parents house.  Apparently, from what we hear Mr. Beaver caught it and took it to be spayed.  SMH...

The less than 10 times Beaver has gotten the kids fish. They all die pretty quickly.  Why..who knows....

SD now wants a hamster at Beaver's house...we told her don't do it.  Who will take care of it when you are at our house???

According to SD, SS wants to get a hairless cat so he can name it nutsack.  SMH..lets hope he does not get one.  They require quite a bit of know weekly bathing and oiling, etc.  That will not end well for the cat.


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I like to believe there is a special level of hell for people like Beaver, one where the pets she abused get the revenge they deserve.

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SS and SD that they are welcome to bring the pets here. The cats, we certainly couldn't keep but we could get them help and find the new homes.  The rest we would get them help and keep them till they passed from old age.  The turtle infuriated me and we continued to tell SD just bring it here. 

According to SD, Beaver has said no more pets lets all hope that she sticks to that.

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I can't even remember all of the animals that were in and out of or killed at Succubus' house. There have been dozens of cats, at least 10 dogs, snakes, lizards, mice, fish and a more during the last 15 years. Sd18 got another pitbull two years ago. This dog is used as a selfie prop then goes back to the crate. It looks so stinking sad in these photos. SD told me last year she needed to rehome the dog because of her "mental health issues" (that she refuses to see a therapist for). The dog is still in her possession. So, Succubus has ensured another generation of animal torturers is fine with getting pets they have no business getting.

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No animal abuse from BM but they have rehomed a few dogs. My favorite was the dog that was "stolen". Their apartment was robbed and the thief took the dog, it's leash and it's bowls luckily nothing else was "stolen". This happened the week before they moved into another apartment that didn't allow dogs. SD was 12 and didn't have enough critical thinking skills to see that this made no sense. 

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She gets a dog from a shelter then returns it, or it runs away out of sheer horror.   Fish, turtles, reptiles, guinea pigs, cats, rabbits are all neglected/abused at the hands of her and her ferals.

The worst animal experience I had with pets were two things. 

1. got a java rice bird and it had a large cage, so sat it out on the back 2nd story deck.  somehow it got out.

2. got some bunnies for my bios.  the  male bunny somehow found it's way to the female and they started breeding, well like rabbits.

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I feel like this is so common with HCBMs, I seem to read about it here regularly. At one point years ago I counted that BM had 'adopted' (I use quotes because adoption is actually for life) and subsequently sold/rehomed ELEVEN dogs in 5 years. My SDs totally thought it was normal to get a puppy and then get rid of it when it grew out of the cute puppy stage. The one good thing I can say about her remarrying is that her husband put a stop to this cycle. They've had one dog for 4 years now, which is impressive.