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SD, B* and the Cat...(warning cat death)****

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Gorgeous day here in middle US....gorgeous.  We have been doing some yard work and were sprucing up the pet cemetary we have out back.  Now..don't go getting all Stephen King on me...its just a small place we have buried SD's two hamsters.  :)  It's marked with a small brick.

Now as I said my sister is veterinarian and as such I have always had pets, cats,dogs, guinea pigs, hamster, gerbils, rabbits, get the point.  I love my animals..I now have 3 dogs and 4 guinea pigs.  I also take pet ownership very seriously, very.  I just spent 5 weeks putting meds in a guinea pigs eye because he ulcerated it, three times a day.  Ever try to wrangle a guinea pig to put stuff in their eye, its a challenge.

DH also loves pets but is allergic to cats....I mean ALLERGIC.  I am as well but not have to go the ER kind of allergic.  Dh is ER allergic.

Now Beaver tends to be somewhat lax in her pet care and aquires pets without thinking about the in/outs of taking care of said pet. She also would aquire them without talking to Dh.

Example:  Beaver came home with a jack russell terrier that was a "wedding gift"  I say this loosly because who give an animal for a "wedding gift".  More like it was her friends dogs litter and Beaver just wanted the dog and DH had already said no since they were living in an apartment and weren't home alot.    Needless to say, the dog wasn't trained, was bored and become a little psychotic mess.

Anyway, the cat.  When DH left Beaver, he went and stayed at his mom and dads.  Two days after DH left, all the while Beaver wanted to work it out, she went and took SS and they got him a cat.  A cat...a thing that DH can not have.  Now said cat was crated alot during the day and it hated the dog (not the pyschotic jack russell, that dog was long gone). Not to mention DH could not longer come to the house.  

Beaver took both the dog and the cat to live with her when she left to go to her parents house.  (It was freaking clown house out in out).   Now, the cat had become....well pyschotic and would scratch and bite anyone that tried to pet it.  (See a theme here)  SD HATED this cat because it was always mean to her. Plus it had an aversion to the litter box (maybe due to the constant crating).  

A Few years later, late on aWednesday night we got a text to have the kids call was important.  Oh joy...since it's like 9:30p.m. and the kids were already in bed

Seems the cat had been sick for awhile and Beaver was just hoping it would be ok.  (spoiler..IT IS NEVER JUST GOING TO BE OK)  

She finally took the cat the vets that afternoon, but the cat died while at the vets.  (Did you catch that....IN THE AFTERNOON, not at night).  She was calling the kids to tell them the cat had died.  She told them cat died and then hung up.

Oh queue up the water works from SS.  SD...her response."eh...I don't care.  I didn't like that cat, it was mean".  Holy tears batman...SS went nuts.  Stop it was my cat.  Sd..what you didn't like her either.  She bit and scratched you.

Now..I am in no way saying the cat's death wasn't sad and tragic.  Believe me, we felt awful the cat died and probably did from a lack of healthcare.  My beef was with waiting till the kids bedtime to tell them about the cat's death and the fact she would see them in about 36 hours. The cat death could wait till she saw them.  Not like the cat was going to come back to life or be less dead.She just called at bedtime to f'ck with DH and make the next 36 hours with the kids a nightmare from the emotional fall out. 

The absolute ironic thing here..SD tried to use the cat as an excuse for her not doing her math....A YEAR LATER.  She told the teacher she couldn't concentrate because her cat died.  The teacher called all concerned until DH got SD on the phone to tell the teacher the cat had died over  a year earlier. 

I mean really who uses a pet death to troll their ex....Beaver that is who.


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I swear Beaver and Meth Mouth are living parallel lives!

One time while Spawn was still living with us she told us about how Meth Mouth found a poor kitty that got hit by a car and brought it home. Meth Mouth who used to be a CNA decided this training (taking temperatures and blood pressure) meant she was skilled enough to take care of a cat that had just been hit by a car. Spawn told us how Meth Mouth camped out in the bathroom for three days with said cat because it couldn't, eat, drink or walk by itself. After the three days of torture Meth Mouth decided to take the kitty to the vet to see if they could help in any way since her medical skills didn't seem to be reviving the cat back to miraculous health. Low and behold the vet had to put the cat down because it had to severe of injuries and with her three days of nursing had basically signed the cats death sentence.
Spawn was so upset about the poor kitty and my only response was morons who hit cats with their car and then try to revive them should be dragged out into the street and shot...I don't think Spawn caught on to what I meant.

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The twist at the end!

So very sad.

I feel bad for the puppy that Toxic Troll got SD14 (and her) - never gets walked, poops and pees in the house constantly, because no regular workout and bathroom routine. DH was dropping off child support check and saw how disgusting the apartment was. Threatened to not drop off kiddo if the place wasnt cleaner. Im tempted to call animal services! 

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Yep they must be related.  I have a story about the poor turtle Beaver tried to cure using remedies off of the book of faces.  smh

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I've never ever heard of cats being crates. You can't crate a cat. Wow. It's insane. Terrible person