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UPDATE....B*ver and the crazy train

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So, CPS will be here on Monday to interview us.  

What should we expect....

I mean not problem on the food...we have so much we could feed the neighborhood

House is usually clean...not like hospital clean but I hate clutter etc

Anything else.

At this point....all I can be thankful for is my kids are now adults.  No need to worry that this could affect my kids and or rile up the VI. 



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When they came to my house, she looked in the fridge and pantry, looked in all the bedrooms and closets.  She asked if there were guns and if so where were they and could the kids get to them. 

She sat and talked with me and DH seperately and then talked to SS18 (then 16) but wanted DH to leave and me stay in the room.  She then spoke to DH and I privately and told us what her feelings were and said we would hear from her the next day.

Try not to stress.  You have nothing to hide.  Good luck and HUGS

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And no weapons of any type. So we are good. I have 2 fridges and chest freezer plus pantry so the food is covered. I always cook like I'm cooking for an army. 

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Your house wasn't in question, is this just standard and they check both homes? I'd think Beaver would be $hitting beaver logs right about now. 

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From what I understand it is standard.  They also went to DBDB house.  She was pissed because she didn't have time to put her booze rack away and SS told us that CPS lady kept looking at it.  

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I would think about any key points/concerns/incidents that you want them to know about and perhaps write a list so that you don't forget what you wanted to say. 

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You'll pass with flying colors. CPS has a pretty low bar.

Do you think Beaver knows who called?

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Speaking of low caseworker said it was great the kids had bedsheets and I was like why wouldn't they have bedsheets???

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I don't have advise either. Only person that visited here was the GAL. We just made sure the house was picked up. Nothing over the top and out of the ordinary. 

Good luck to all 3 of you! 

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Kid proof your home. Make sure there is clothing in closets and dressers for all kinds of weather for your area.

Drugs and booze secured. Firearms and ammo secure and seperate.

Walk from your parking area into the front door of your home. IS railing secure, loose steps?

Do not be surprised if they take pictures of both inside AND outside of your home. Their reports are very detailed....Smith house is of red brick, black shingled roof. 2 car garage with 4 additional parking spaces. 1 basketball net.  Home has 3 bedrooms, 2 and 1/2 baths  LV floor hardwood with large L shaped sofa, color dark gray. Large TV secured to wall above fireplace.  It will be very specific if you ever get a chance to read it.

Checks and balances that worker showed UP and was complete in assestment.

You will be fine...just kid proof your home, secure adult things and be yourself. Smile


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When we were dealing with Meth Mouth, CPS came to our house, checked to see where Spawn was sleeping, and just sort of looked around then asked us a few questions and then left. 

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SD has her own room. So that should be good 

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Make sure that cps also knows about the 19 year old sibling that put his sister in danger.  BM is bad and her brother is horrible.