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Update: Upcoming Show Cause Hearing - Contempt of Court Order

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Well, this has been a stressful week for DH. BM is under what is called a contempt court order. Meaning she has to follow the court order or go to jail for 30 days. She took yet another visit - Thanksgiving and offered no other time, no reason, nothing. Just did not show up. This after already being found guilty of taking 9 visits before over the course of a year.

So - she filed a court case for child support months ago and the hearing was wednesday this past week. DH shows up and of course she was lying again about her income and his. But DH was ready for her. She is a guidance counselor now, has a masters degree and works a part time job on top of receiving several supplements due to her tenure at teaching. She cut her monthly income almost in half....... But yet added my and DH's gross income together to attempt to make it look like it was all his. If he were not prepared to prove her wrong - she would have probably gotten around 3k a month in support. With her lying about her income and adding ours together it would have it look like he made right at 12k monthly and she made 2k. At any rate - when he showed the correct information it got dismissed. She still gets 800 for one kid and DH pays 55 of all copays and medical issues.

BUT at that end of that case....Lawyer announces and serves her with the show cause case to happen this week for violating the court order again. She storms out of the court room and has her mother call DH asking why he is putting her in jail. DH explained the situation to her and left it at that.

BUT now DH has a couple decisions to make. No one wants BM to lose her job or career... so at the show cause - lawyer will ask that she serve the time over the summer and custody be switched until BM can get some type of counseling before visitation start here. All of the alienation and paper will also be presented which started in 2003 until now. We are hoping the judge allows this.... as we believe if she loses her job and custody - we will have a deranged woman on our hands with a lot of time on her hands.

Hopefully if she keeps her job it will deter her from acting too foolish.

At any rate - DH had to meet BM at the exchange location yesterday at 630... so me at 9 months pregnant rode with him and we took the camcorder as well. So BM pulls over over 30 minutes late with a car full of folks. I was taping her arrival showing she was late and making sure all went cordially. Her entourgae looked so upset that they could not get nasty with him. But oh well. The camcorder ensured it all went well and smooth. AND we will take it again on Sunday too.

If i had to stand before the judge on a show cause case for being in contempt again .... i would not show up to the visit before the case 30 minutes late with no explanation. Or bring a car full of folks either. But oh well that is her i guess.

Plus she had the nerve to tell the lawyer the reason she did not bring SD for visitation was because she did not want to drive as DH had her the weekend prior for visitation. She still is showing she refusing to follow the judge's order or honor the court order. She is just sick.

Well i will update after the show cause hearing next week.


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It's always a good idea to record. Either you catch her in psycho mode, or she plays good for the camera. Good for you guys for having everything in order, and being prepared!

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You have all made good points. BM was getting away with murder for the past 7 years. Until she disobeyed the judge's direct order earlier this year in March. She took another visit and attempted to lie to the judge about it. Hence she was found in willful contempt and the 30 day jail sentence was put over her head - and suspended unless she once again violated the court order.

So again we are hoping the Judge actually follows through with her word. Especially after telling BM she did not want to see her in court again for these type matters. She has violated again less then a good 6 months later. Order was signed and mailed to them in July.... November she took another visit.

If she gets another slap on the wrist - then it would be in line with what has been going on all the time. So it will really be no surprise to us at all. Just another frustration that the lopsided courts will allow once again.

My thoughts.... there needs to be a serious and severe consequence...or BM will probably start doing what ever she likes whenever she likes. But all in all it is just a sad situation.

Get over it and just do right already! Geez!