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How is the job going you ask....its a effort of futility

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SD and the job..

SD and DH as you know just got back from a 4 day trip. SD now needs her schedule and here in the good old midwest....the spring/summer storms have arrived and there are alot of places that don't have electricity.  We have electric but I live in a city that has their own electric grid...and electric deparment/repair etc.  

SD has been unable to pull up her schedule on the schedule app.  So I ask what would one do if you cannot get your work schedule.

A.  call the place of employment and ask if there is a paper copy

B.  send a text to your manager asking if there is a schedule

C.  go up to the place of employment and find a manager and get the schedule.  (its a mile from our house)

D.  do nothing 


SD has done B and D.  She will not do A or B...that's too much work.

Mmmkky.....DH is pissed since SD doesn't seem to take this seriously.  My advice to DH was..if and when SD gets fired..I would nix the extras for her...and the rides to and for her friends for awhile.  Natural consequences of not having a don't get extras and go out with your friends..BECAUSE YOU ARE BROKE.

Hope Beaver is going to fund the eyelash procurement fund...

Even DH is counting down the days till SD goes back to Beaver's...Friday  morning people....T MINUS 40 HOURS....

Oh and I'm waiting for how long it takes for her to realize the clothes she leaves on the floor in the bathroom have disappeared....

5 days and counting so far.


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God the more I read stories on here the more I realize it's not just my SD that I hate it's pretty much all the kids of the younger generation!!!!